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10 Facts About The Best Optometrist in Champaign

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Best Optometrist in Champaign

1. They’re Your Neighbor

Bard Optical is not only a vision care center – it’s a part of the Champaign community. Bard Optical optometrists and other staff are active community members. As a patient, you might see some familiar faces and you’ll definitely feel welcomed.

2. They Have the Coolest Designer Frames

Nobody in Champaign has designer glasses like Bard Optical. With a deep selection of the coolest brand names, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for glasses. Where else can you get the best healthcare and the best fashion?

3. They’re Licensed and Highly Skilled

You can’t be called ‘the best’ and not have the credentials to back it up. Bard Optical’s optometrists are all highly skilled doctors with years of experience and honed expertise. When you visit the best optometrist in Champaign, you’re going to receive top-notch care.

4. They See Patients of All Ages

In a stroller? Bard Optical is for you. Using a walker? Bard Optical is for you, too. Bard Optical optometrists are dedicated to providing ‘Vision for Life.’ That means that whether you’re young, old, or in between, Bard Optical wants to help you maintain and improve your eyesight. Eye health is more complicated than most people know. Trust yours in the capable hands of Bard Optical.

5. They Treat All Kinds of Eye Issues

Optometrists do more than prescribe glasses or contacts. Bard Optical eye doctors can detect and treat all kinds of eye issues. When you get your eyes checked at Bard Optical, they’re not looking to push you out the door and sell you something you don’t need. They’re concerned with your overall health and will do whatever it takes to give you the best care possible.

6. They’re Affordable

It’s not often that ‘the best’ is also affordable. But Bard Optical is. Because Bard Optical’s team wants you to be healthy and happy, they do everything they can to find pricing that works for you. Whether it’s insurance helping to cover the cost or a coupon or special promotion from Bard Optical, they want to make sure money doesn’t stand between you and better vision.

7. Scheduling an Appointment is Easy

Not only does Bard Optical want you to be able to afford vision care, they make it super easy to set up an appointment. You can make an appointment by calling (217) 351-8822, or by simply clicking a button on their website.

8. They Make Vision Care Fun!

Going to get your eyes examined can be stressful. Eyes are pretty sensitive and any exam can cause anxiety. With Bard Optical, vision care can be fun! With a staff that greets you with a smile and gently walks you through the process, stress is kept under control. With a team that treats you like a friend, it could be more fun than you think!

9. They’re Open 6 Days a Week

To be the best optometrist in Champaign, you have to make yourself available to the Champaign community. That’s exactly what Bard Optical does. They’re open long weekday hours and on Saturday, to accommodate your family’s schedule. That gives you options and a hassle-free scheduling experience.

10. You Can Contact Them Today!

One of the best parts about Bard Optical? You can contact them today! It’s never too soon to get started on Vision for Life!

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