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3 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor in Lincoln

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Choosing an eye doctor in Lincoln is no small task. Your eyes are an important part of your overall health. Before you decide on an eye doctor, make sure you ask the right questions. You want to be sure that you (and your family) are going to have the best possible experience and receive the highest quality of care.

Aside from the obvious questions to ask (“What are your credentials?” “What services do you perform?” “How expensive is X, Y, and Z?” “How does insurance work?” etc.), there are a few questions that will help you dig deeper and give you a more complete understanding of the optometrist you’re vetting.

To find out whether you’ve found the right eye doctor in Lincoln, ask them these questions:

1. Are you involved in the community?

You want to find a ‘yes to this question. Finding an optometrist that cares about your community is a huge advantage. When an eye doctor views his or her patients as neighbors and friends, it can make all the difference in the kind of experience the patient has. When you look for an eye doctor in Lincoln, make sure that you find one that loves the Lincoln community and is dedicated to providing the best experience for those living in it.

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2. Do you have experience treating patients of all ages?

Some eye doctors only have experience treating children. Some have experience treating primarily elderly populations. While it’s not bad to have a specialty, the best scenario is to find an eye doctor in Lincoln who has experience treating ALL ages. Why? As people age, different conditions become more common and it helps to see an optometrist who is experienced in knowing what to look for. Also, it’s helpful to be able to take the entire family to one spot for vision care.

3. Where can I find glasses, if I need them?

Does your optometrist only offer vision care? Try to find an eye care center that can both give you a prescription and fill it. Almost every eye doctor will have a tiny selection of frames and contacts. But, it’s wise to look for an eye doctor in Lincoln with a wide selection of designer glasses. That way, you can find out you need glasses and find the perfect pair in the same place. That’s a convenience that not everyone can match.

When making the important decision of where to go for eye care, ask the right questions. By asking the above, you’ll find out how you’re likely to be treated, whether or not they can accommodate your family, and whether you can feel confident in finding the eyewear you need.

Don’t take the decision lightly. Your eyes are vital to your overall health and eye care is a lifelong relationship. Make sure you find the right partner!

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