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4 Common Symptoms of Eye Allergies

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It’s that time of the year: allergy season. While few people complain when the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, it can be a serious pain for some. For those with allergies that affect their eyes, allergy season is a gauntlet of uncomfortable symptoms. If you experience eye allergies, be sure to mention it to your optometrist and get recommendations for how to alleviate your symptoms. Your allergist may prescribe allergy medicine that helps your symptoms, too. But, your optometrist should always be informed on what’s happening with your eyes, so he or she can weigh in and investigate further. Not sure if you have eye allergies? Below are 4 common symptoms. If you notice any of the below symptoms start to pop up during the spring or fall, it could be allergy-related:

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1. Watering

If your eyes are watering, it could be a number of things that are to blame. It could be dust, an eyelash that snuck in, or another foreign object. It could also be allergies. If your eyes frequently water and you don’t understand why keep allergies in mind: it may be time to follow up on that lead.

2. Itching

Itchy eyes are unpleasant, to say the least. If your eyes are itching frequently, allergies could be to blame. Try hard not to rub your eyes if they are itching – it’s difficult not to, but it can be harmful to your eyes to touch or rub them. Instead, seek help from a medical professional and get advice on how to stop the itching.

3. Redness

Redness can be another sign that you suffer from eye allergies. Another symptom, that, by itself, could indicate a handful of issues. But, if you notice that your eyes are red, along with watering and itching, there’s a strong chance that you’re afflicted by eye allergies. Don’t ignore redness – help is available.

4. Stinging

If you feel a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, that could be another symptom of eye allergies. Like itching, it’s important not to touch or rub your eyes if they’re stinging or burning. Instead, seek help from your allergist or optometrist. Make sure that your optometrist is looped in, so he or she can determine if allergies at fault.

If you have any of the above symptoms, they could be linked to allergies. If your eyes are experiencing any of the above, make sure that you seek help. Your optometrist should be kept up to date on any and all things going on with your eyes and vision.


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