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New Year, New Glasses: 5 Signs It’s Time for a Change

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Those that wear glasses know that once you wear the same pair of glasses for long enough they start to become part of your identity. Those around you would agree that they make you more easily recognizable.

But how long is too long?

At what point does wearing the same pair of glasses go from being a boon to being a hindrance?

It’s no secret that our eyesight changes with time, and your prescription changes with it. So, why are we looking through the same old glasses year after year with eyes that are ever-changing?

As 2020 sneaks up on us, there is no better time to reassess the quality of your vision through your current prescription glasses. To help you kick start the process, here are 5 common signs that it’s time for new glasses:


Headaches can often come many different sources throughout our day, so it can be hard sometimes to know whether the headache is being caused by something like allergies, or if your eyes are to blame.

In reality, our brains often recognize changes in vision long before we do, which is why eyesight associated headaches are usually one of the very first indicators that you need new glasses.

An outdated prescription can cause your eyes to strain, often without you even realizing it, which requires a greater level of focus and a greater strain on your brain. This results in headaches.

If you are starting to experience headaches more frequently than normal, it might be time to invest in new glasses.


This is usually a clear sign that you’re wearing an outdated prescription. A friend or loved one pointing out that you’ve started to squint when trying to focus your gaze on something usually means it’s time to make a trip to the eye doctor.

While squinting can naturally improve focus for a short time, it can also put a strain on your eyes that ultimately does more harm than good, as prolonged eye strain can damage your vision in the long run.

Damaged Lenses

Scratches, nicks or scuffs on the lenses of your glasses could mean that it’s time to get them replaced.

While you might think that a tiny scratch is harmless to the integrity of your glasses, the truth is that even a small crack in the lens can damage your vision by causing unnecessary eye strain.

Blurry Vision

Another tell-tale sign that your prescription is up is the occurrence of blurred vision, double vision, or loss of vision altogether.

The instances of these may either be brief and subtle, or lasting and prominent. In either case, experiencing altered vision of any kind while wearing your glasses defeats the purpose of wearing them in the first place, not to mention the fact that having altered vision can be dangerous.

If your prescription is making you see double, or not see at all, it is definitely time to schedule an appointment.

Outdated Prescription

Speaking of prescriptions, if it has been over a year since your last eye appointment, it might be time to consider scheduling another one.

Regular eye appointments help in so many ways to prevent and treat eye diseases, but they can also help you keep your prescription current and help you see as clearly as possible.

As we mentioned earlier, an outdated prescription can negatively impact your ability to see clearly. Scheduling regular eye appointments allows your doctor to make the necessary updates to your prescription in order to prevent an outdated prescription get the best of you.

If you are struggling with any of the complications mentioned above, see your doctor today to update your prescription, and get you into the best pair of glasses for your eyes. Don’t forget, the time is always right to find a prescription that fits you.

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