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7 Reasons to Wear Your Sunglasses in the Winter

Child wearing sunglasses outside in the winter

Wear your sunglasses in the winter, if you’re not already doing it. Somewhere along the way, society decided that sunglasses and summer were going to sit next to each other at the Word Association Gala. Since then, everybody has carried forward the misconception that sunglasses belong to the summer and only the summer. That means that many Americans are missing out on roughly 9 months of prime time for wearing sunglasses. It has to stop. Sunglasses are making a comeback this winter and here is why:

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1. Look in a Mirror

YOU look good. Seriously. Look in the mirror right now. Did you do it? Go do it! This article will still be here when you come back. Ok. Going to assume you did it. Welcome back! Did you see? You look amazing. You’re stylish. You sparkle. You’re even… YES: fierce. Should someone like you be constrained to wearing sunglasses only in warmer months? NO! Nonsense. You rock sunglasses and as such, you should be able to wear them whenever you want. Don’t let presuppositions stop you. When you look as good as you do, you call the shots. That’s how it works.

2. Sunglasses are Rad!

If something threw a party and said the theme was ‘cool,’ chances are, you’d show up in shades. Sunglasses are shorthand for ‘cool.’ They simply are. With so many different styles and lines available, you can always find a pair of sunglasses that work for you. Because sunglasses are so rad, you should wear them year-round. You don’t suddenly stop being cool in the winter. So, you shouldn’t suddenly stop wearing your sunglasses. This winter, you can be too cool for the cold.

3. Here Comes the Sun

It never left. While sunglasses can be seen as a beach accessory, they’re a whenever-sun-is-out accessory. Given those parameters, sunglasses belong on your face in the winter. While the sun makes fewer and less prominent appearances in the winter, it is most definitely there. It’s even possible to get sunburned in the winter. Don’t take shorter days and gloomier weather as a sign that the sun is hibernating. It’s always there, lurking. Keep that in mind whenever you plan to be outdoors and keep those sunglasses close by.

4. Conceal Your Frustration

One underrated benefit of wearing sunglasses is being able to conceal your winter frustration. Listen: winter can be aggravating. Have you ever driven in a snowstorm on a highway where every other driver forgets how to operate their vehicle simultaneously? It’s rough! Without sunglasses, other drivers will be able to see your eyes roll. With sunglasses, you can roll your eyes at anyone and everyone with impunity. Think of how nice that will feel when there are a light dusting and all of your neighbors clean out the bread and milk sections of your grocery store! Roll away!

5. Bang for the Buck

You, being a fashionable and discerning lady or gent, went out and bought a fantastic pair of designer sunglasses. You wore them during the summer and now … you’re going to leave them in a drawer or your car’s center console for the remainder of the year? That doesn’t make sense. You invested. You should get the most out of that investment by wearing your sunglasses in the winter, in the spring, in the summer, and the fall. Every season is sunglasses season. Don’t let a worthwhile investment sit around and collect dust.

6. Sun and Snow

A day in the snow can potentially be more dangerous than a day at the beach when it comes to the sun. That doesn’t sound right, but it is. The sun reflects off of the snow. So, instead of needing to protect primarily the top of your head, ears, nose, shoulders, etc. from the sun’s rays, you need to be accounting for much more. Because UV rays bounce off the snow and onto your chin, under your nose, and into your eyes, the snow can be perilous. One great way to protect against this? Yep, you guessed it: sunglasses. When you see snow, think sun, and plan accordingly.

7. UV Rays

UV or ultraviolet rays are the sun’s way of reminding us that it’s a fickle friend. While the sun does helpfully provide light and vitamins, it can also cause painful sunburn and even melanoma. The key to enjoying the sun is to make sure that you’re protected. That includes things like sunscreen and sunglasses. Even in the dead of winter, UV rays are still an issue. Keep your sunglasses where they belong – on your face – and you’ll be able to enjoy the sunniest of winter days in safety and style.

Set the trend this winter and rock your shades. They look cool and they protect your eyes. Before you hang out outdoors this winter, grab your sunglasses.


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