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8 Celebrities That Look Better With Prescription Eyeglasses

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It’s no secret that celebrities look good in almost anything. But, which celebrities look better in glasses? We did some serious contemplating and arrived at 8 celebrities that look amazing in frames! Now, this isn’t to say that they don’t look good the rest of the time (they TOTALLY do). But, these celebs know how to rock designer prescription eyeglasses better than the rest. Check out our picks and leave your own in the comments!

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1. Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is best known for her roles as Ann Perkins on ‘Parks and Rec’ and (to a lesser extent) Karen Filippelli on ‘The Office.’ She’s also had prominent roles in several movies and has done some producing and screenwriting to boot! Rashida Jones *literally* looks amazing in everything. But, her glasses game is A+.


2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has seen his star skyrocket in recent years (and he was already MEGA-popular). The more people laid eyes on him, the more his stock as a hearthrob grew. A naturally stylish dresser, Gordon-Levitt knows how to make glasses look good! Hit the link below to see all the ways he factors frames into his outfits:


3. Mindy Kaling

Star of the appropriately named ‘Mindy Project,’  Mindy Kaling also writes and produces the hit show. An outspoken personality on Twitter and other outlets, Mindy has cultivated a loyal following. She’s also written a number of fantastic books. While Mindy’s intelligence speaks for itself in all arenas, her fashion acumen is constantly on display. Girl can slay in some glasses:


4. Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg made his name on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ starring in some notable digital shorts with pop superstar Justin Timberlake before moving on to other pursuits. Now, Samberg is blazing a new trail on Fox’s hit ‘Brooklyn 99,’ playing Jake Peralta. While the comedian is best known for being outlandish, his eyewear game is on point:


5. Emmy Rossum

Best known for her role as ‘Fiona’ on Showtime’s ‘Shameless,’ Emmy Rossum is steadily making her mark on the entertainment industry. But, most people haven’t realized how stunning she looks in glasses. There’s no shame in Emmy’s glasses game:


6. Idris Elba

When both ‘The Wire’ and ‘Luther’ sit on your acting resume, you are certified. Besides being a phenomenal acting talent, Idris Elba is renowned for professionally being a Sharp Dressed Man. The British dynamo could sell a suit to a mannequin. But, have you seen the guy in frames?


7. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is likely best known for her role in ‘Transformers’, but has recently started appearing on ‘New Girl’ as well. While it’s pretty easy for a gorgeous actress to look good, Megan Fox takes it to another level in her glasses. She looks trendy and sophisticated:


8. Zayn Malik

After splitting with OneDirection, many people wondered what Zayn Malik would do next. If you guessed ‘become an even bigger popstar,’ then you were correct! Zayn has enjoyed early solo success with singles like ‘Pillowtalk’ and ‘It’s You.’ Plus, his high-profile relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid keeps his name in the headlines. But his ability to rock glasses is the real story:



Did we get the picks right? We think these celebs look better in glasses. The right pair of designer glases is ALWAYS a good call.

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