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Bard Optical is Thankful You’ve Chosen ‘Vision For Life’ – Bard Optical

Bard Optical is Thankful You’ve Chosen ‘Vision For Life’

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“Vision for Life” is our focus at Bard Optical.

We are so very glad to be serving people in this important way. Helping our patients maintain a good vision for the long-term is a mission we take seriously. While we understand how precious good eyesight is to people young and old, we also want you to know how precious our patients are to us at Bard Optical.

Every day, we use our eyes to interact with the world in meaningful ways, and at Bard, we consider it the most meaningful work to help our patients live full lives. This Thanksgiving, while you count your blessings, we will be extending our gratitude to you and acknowledging the trust you place in us to help you preserve your precious “Vision for Life.”

Sight is the sense we humans rely on the most. Vision affects so much of how we perceive the world, starting from infancy. Babies’ visual development allows them first to focus only on things a foot or two away—as far as a parent’s face is when caring for their child, deepening the bonding process. Toddlers watch their parents and model what they see them do. It’s an essential part of learning and socialization.

Not too much down the road is primary school. Think of the child who starts to enjoy school for the first time when her first pair of glasses show her what’s really going on. She can keep up and interact fully, ending the frustration she probably didn’t even realize the source of. Teens and young adults want to get out and see the world, using their eyes to take it all in. The driver’s license that brings them a degree of independence is possible only through reliance on the accurate vision behind the wheel.

As adults, we appreciate somewhat different things, but we also rely on our eyes to take them in. Parents beam while watching their child’s first recital or championship game. Reading stories at bedtime is a cherished rite of passage for both parent and child that wouldn’t be possible without good vision. We can pursue passions like sports, art, and technology thanks to our visual sense.

Even when our bodies slow down as we age, we can keep up our interests in various hobbies and continue to learn about the world through reading and social activities.

And, of course, the sight of our loved ones warms our hearts at any age. The visual processing that goes into facial recognition is of staggering complexity, but like most achievements of our highly evolved brains, it’s worth it. Grandparents’ eyes light up at the sight of their grandkids and vice-versa in a special bond that brings warmth and meaning to our lives.

In fact, some of the experiences just mentioned—like new babies, travel, family, educational opportunities, sports achievement, and time with grandparents—might even be things that people mention they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving at the dinner table.

Take a look around the table with your wonderful eyes. No matter what you are grateful for this holiday, we at Bard Optical are grateful for you our patients.

Thanks for letting us help you toward “Vision for Life.”

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