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Where to Find the Best Eye Doctors in Central Illinois

From the Rock River (pictured above) to the Capitol Building, you can find the best eye doctors in Central Illinois at Bard Optical.

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Specifically, you can find the best eye doctors in Central Illinois at Bard Optical in the locations below. Bard Optical is dedicated to serving the communities it is in. Unlike major conglomerates, Bard Optical knows its patients personally and treats them like neighbors. Unlike tiny fly-by-nights, Bard Optical carries an incredible selection of glasses and employs world-class optometrists. Bard Optical has the resources of the big guy and the spirit of the little guy. It’s a perfect combo that delivers quality vision care and unparalleled experience to all patients. If you’re not already a Bard Optical patient, find the community nearest to you below and make an appointment today:


Rock Island 

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Bard Optical wants to be your optometrist in Central Illinois. Bard Optical provides ‘Vision For Life’ for all of its patients: a lifelong commitment to quality vision care and community. If you’ve been looking for an optometrist that will treat you and your family for life, you’ve found it. Explore the links above and find out about Bard Optical in the communities it serves.


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