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Celebrate World Sight Day 2017 – Bard Optical

Celebrate World Sight Day 2017

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World Sight Day is October 12! This is an annual day of awareness meant to educate people on blindness and vision impairment worldwide. Optometry Giving Sight and the global optical industry offers its support – through the World Sight Day Challenge. This is a major fundraising campaign to raise money for projects like training healthcare professionals, establishing vision centers (especially in underprivileged communities), and delivering eye care to people who may need access to even a simple eye exam and pair of glasses.

You, too, can participate in this charitable season! You, as an individual, can make a monthly or annual donation to Optometry Giving Sight. Bard Optical will be collecting donations throughout the month for this cause. This year, the focus will be on Our Children’s Vision, an initiative to help children without access to eye care. There are millions of children the world over whose future depends on access to proper eye health care.

It’s estimated that four out of five cases (or about 80%) of people with blindness throughout the world have preventable conditions. Access to proper healthcare is imperative to avoiding blinding conditions and visual impairment.

Bard Optical is proud to support Optometry Giving Sight. Visit your local Bard Optical to make a donation today, or to learn more about the importance of vision health. This World Sight Day, join us in celebrating the importance of good vision – and to help those in need throughout the world.