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Celebrate World Sight Day with Bard Optical – Bard Optical

Celebrate World Sight Day with Bard Optical

Celebrate World Sight Day

How often do we forget about how our body functions until it stops working? We take all of our senses for granted – of course until we have a problem. Can you imagine your sense of sight is taken away? Colors become harder to detect, or your periphery turns to blurs. It could happen to anyone, at any time – especially if we don’t take care of our eyes like we would any other part of our body. Fortunately, most vision impairment is preventable!

This October 13, join us in celebrating World Sight Day. It aims to raise global awareness for blindness and visual impairment.

Around 250 million people worldwide live with low vision, and 39 million live with blindness. Approximately 80% of visual impairment is avoidable, in that it is caused by preventable or readily treatable conditions. Not everyone has access to this treatment, however, with around 90% of the worldwide blind community being those in low-income countries.

This vision impairment affects lives in ways you may not even realize. By helping, these people can gain independence – no longer having to rely on others to help with everyday tasks. These people can focus on opportunity – returning to work, or being able to provide more for their families. The 19 million children affected may have difficulty succeeding in school, since the majority of what we learn is through sight. Restoring sight can help so many individuals regain more than just their vision.

Girl with the our childrens vision organization

Every year, Optometry Giving Sight organizes the World Sight Day Challenge to help these people in need.

Your donations can make a real difference. All it takes is $5 to help provide access to eye exams for those in need. The donations can provide study kits for optometry students, provide eye exams and glasses, or help pay salaries for optometrists who may see up to 40 patients a day.

Please, consider donating to this worthy cause at any Bard Optical office.