Color Blindness Can Affect Learning: Take Our Color Blind Test For Kids

Imagine sitting down to play ‘Go Fish’ with some friends. However, this game requires you to match similar colors, and you are the only one at the table that is color blind. You can’t tell which is the red card or the blue card and after a few games, you simply give up, because you feel cheated. Now imagine sitting through school, trying to learn this way. It sounds tough, and for some kids, it’s what they go through every day.

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Color vision deficiency, or color blindness, is a hereditary trait that has a 50% chance to be genetically passed down. Children that have color blindness have trouble distinguishing between colors, or, in more severe cases, can’t see color at all. This is a problem as most grade schools across America focus on learning through letters, numbers, and colors. A child that can’t discern between colors is already at a disadvantage early on in their school career and need help overcoming this obstacle, since many schools heavily rely on colors to relay educational messages and lessons.

This is where the Color Blind Test for Kids comes in. Ensuring that your child gets the best education and help early on is important and this test can help determine the extent of their color blindness so that you are able to prepare them for school and get adequate help for them moving forward. By using the Color Blind Test for Kids, it ensures a more comfortable learning environment in the future by preparing you now.

If you give the Color Blind Test for Kids to your child and he or she is unable to distinguish between colors, set up an appointment with his or her optometrist as soon as possible. It’s important to eliminate as many obstacles as possible in their education. Plus, it starts them on a path towards Vision For Life. Everyone should get a yearly comprehensive vision exam and it’s never too early to start.


Download the test and take it with your child: