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Congratulations Symantha & Isaiah!

Throughout July & August, we collected submissions for our Back to School Facebook contest. We are proud to present the winning entries!

Congratulations to 10 year old Symantha Porter, one winner of our Back to School contest! Symantha and her mother, Laura, are from the Sterling area. Symantha wrote :

“My favorite experience of going back to school is was when I was in 4 grade. I got to pass the iPads out in Mrs. Harts class. It was important to me and very special to me. I now that I was going to get pick because the look on her face she said I was one of her best students in her class she loved when I help her. I got to charge them every day after school for they where a 100% the next day. I got a paw every time I did it a paw is every semester there is a paw store and you can buy stuff with your paws. . got to clecte them from the groups & get to tack the ipads to the tables. We did a April fools day joke on her so we lad a ipad on the floor and we said look misses harts a ipad fell and broke and she friket out and then we said April fools and the she said you guys are in trouble and it was joke we did not get in trouble that is my experience of going back to school”

We’re so happy Symantha had such a positive experience with Mrs. Harts class.


Above is the drawing that Isaiah submitted. Congratulations to 7 year old Isaiah Martin, one winner of our Back to School contest! Isaiah and his mother, Lisa, are from the Bloomington-Normal area. When asked what his favorite part of going back to school is, he answered, “Seeing my friends! Haha mommy I said seeing for a glasses contest!”