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Download Our Color Blind Test for Kids

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School can be challenging for kids for all kinds of reasons. Between braving dodge ball at gym and solving long-division in math class, a child is facing enough obstacles. Color blindness shouldn’t be one of them.

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If your child is struggling, you should look into color blindness. For organizing purposes, curriculum is often color coded early on in school. That can make learning disastrously hard. It often leads to misidentifying materials, getting lost inside books, and focusing on the wrong objects. Instead of expending effort on the problems they’re being asked to solve, they spend their time trying to find where to start.

That’s not fair to them. If color blindness is affecting your child, knowing about it helps. Accommodations can be made in school and you can help your child make adjustments so that color blindness doesn’t interrupt their learning experience. If their teacher knows about their condition, the teacher can account for it and adjust his or her curriculum materials accordingly.

Color blindness affects about 8% of men and .5% of women. Your child (especially males) should be tested early and often to ensure that color blindness isn’t making school or life more difficult than it needs to be.

Where can you go to get a color blind test for kids? You can set an appointment with a qualified local optometrist or you can download our color blind test for kids below. The best part? Our online test is FREE! It’s still important to make an appointment and get an eye exam from a licensed professional. But, our free test will help make the next steps clear.


Take our color blind test for kids now:

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