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Dry Eyes? How to Protect Yourself This Summer

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Summer is known for many things. Most of them are positive: days spent poolside, fireworks displays, sunny weather, just to name a few. However, summer also comes with some baggage. One such burden is an increase in cases of dry eyes. Why does dry eye show up more often in the summer? Summer comes with irritants that other seasons simply don’t share.

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Pool days are fun! But, pools are filled with chemicals like chlorine that can dry your eyes out in a hurry. Summer makes it easier to be active! But, sweat can find its way into your eyes and irritate them. Sunshine is the best! But, the sun can damage your eyes without protection. Everything is in full bloom! But, eye allergies are a concern.

Here are a few things to look out for, so you can protect your eyes during the summer months:


Swimming is a staple of summer. Sadly, pools can cause eyes great discomfort. While chemicals are necessary for a clean and comfortable public pool experience, they’re not that friendly to eyes. If you plan on doing a lot of swimming this summer, consider limiting your time in the pool. Consider eye drops for red or dry eyes. In some cases, wearing goggles in the pool can be a great help.


Sweat is a natural part of summer. But it’s not most people’s favorite. It can also lead to dry and irritated eyes. If you’re outside staying active, make sure that you bring a sweat band or similar accessory with you. That will help keep the salty sweat out of your eyes and will help you enjoy whatever activity you’re doing more!


Sunshine and summer. Summer and sunshine. They’re one-in-the-same. Everybody loves when sunny days return! Unfortunately, the sun has a habit of drying out eyes (and/or giving leaving them sunburned). If you plan to spend considerable time outside this summer, be sure to wear sunglasses whenever you do. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from irritation and damage and they look awesome too!


If you can’t shake dry eyes, it could be allergies. While seeing flowers in bloom is nice, pollen and other allergens can put your eyes in a bad spot. If you consistently experience dry eyes, talk to your optometrist and have them take a look at things. They’ll be able to identify what’s going on and will know what the next steps are.

Don’t let dry or irritated eyes spoil your summer. Look out for the things above and keep your eyes safe this summer!


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