Keep Your Eyes Open for Exclusive Designer Frames from Bard Optical

You already know that Bard Optical has the best selection of designer glasses anywhere in Illinois. But, soon, you’ll find out that Bard Optical has the best EXCLUSIVE designer frames anywhere! Bard Optical is hard at work developing the best possible solutions to those who need vision improvement. That includes an exclusive fashion-forward line of designer frames! While the full details have to be kept under wraps for now, know that you and yours will soon have even more options for looking great and seeing better!

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Designer Glasses Rock!

Designer frames can take your style and amplify it – giving you a look you’re eager to show off to friends and strangers alike! While prescription glasses are obviously a matter of improving your health, first and foremost, modern designer frames give them new life as a fashion statement. Bard Optical’s experienced team of optometrists and opticians understand how important your vision is and how important selecting the right pair of glasses can be for confidence and comfort.

The Best Selection Just Got Better

Even though Bard Optical already carries an expansive and impressive collection of designer glasses, there’s always room for more. That’s why Bard Optical started developing an exclusive line of designer frames. Everybody deserves a pair of frames that make them feel unstoppable! When you come into Bard Optical, Bard Optical’s team wants to ensure that you walk out with glasses you’re in love with.

Great Things On The Way

With Bard Optical’s mission of ‘Vision For Life,’ comes a dedication to be constantly looking for the best things in vision care. From treatment options, to ways to save you money, to designer glasses and the latest contact lenses, Bard Optical is passionate about providing the best. At Bard Optical, great things are always just around the corner. If there’s an available option that will help you better maintain or improve your vision, Bard Optical will find it.

Bard Optical is a community-first vision care center. When you visit Bard Optical, you’ll notice the difference. You’ll be treated as a neighbor, not a number, and that can make a huge difference in your experience. Bard Optical has 21 locations across Illinois. If you’re ready to experience ‘Vision For Life,’ make an appointment at Bard Optical today. And, soon, be sure to check out Bard Optical’s exclusive line of designer glasses!


This is what makes Bard Optical different than other vision care centers: