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Eye Injury Prevention

October is both Eye Injury Prevention Month and Home Eye Safety Month. Now is a great time to consider what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Over 2 million people suffer eye injuries annually in the United States alone. While it is impossible to prevent all injuries, there are certainly measures people can take to reduce their risk. Nearly half of all eye injuries occur in the home, and men are more likely than women to sustain an eye injury. Many may occur while fixing up the home – with yard maintenance, home repairs, cooking, or cleaning. Do what you can to protect yourself around your home.
• Keep your home well illuminated
• Have rails for your stairs
• Remove debris from lawn before mowing
• Keep paints, fertilizers, and cleaning supplies in a secure area
• Keep tools in good condition and replace or repair them if they get damaged
• Wear safety goggles as necessary – while playing sports or handling chemicals/hazardous materials
• Read and follow all manufacturer and manual instructions to be aware of potential hazards
• Do not mix cleaning agents
• Know that regular eyeglasses don’t always provide enough protection

Many injuries to children are also preventable. Common injuries may occur from misusing toys, falls from bed, misuse of everyday objects and tools, contact with harmful household products, or automobile accidents. Keeping harmful objects out of children’s reach, supervising them while playing, and having them wear sports goggles while playing are just a few ways to easily prevent injuries.

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