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Eye of the Tiger and 15 Other Times Eyes Invaded Pop Culture


If you’ve kept your eye on pop culture over the years, you may have noticed that the word ‘eye’ and ‘eyes’ tend to pop up often. It’s no surprise: eyes are important! So important, in fact, that it should be a top priority of yours to get a comprehensive vision exam at least once a year. Do you have a favorite pop culture example where ‘eye’ or ‘eyes’ is in the title of the piece? Check out our rundown below of 15 times when ‘eye’ or ‘eyes’ invaded pop culture. You may recognize a handful of these classics:

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1. Eye of the Tiger (song)

Survivor’s hit song is best known as the theme to ‘Rocky III.’ That’s no coincidence. The film’s star, Sylvester Stallone, asked members of Survivor to write and record it. Survivor answered the bell and the rest is history. Admit it: it’s tough to hear the opening of this song and not want to hit the streets for a triumphant run.

2. Lyin’ Eyes (song)

The Eagles are likely best known for their hit ‘Hotel California.’ However, ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ is a jam in its own right. It’s also relatable to a wide audience. Who hasn’t been faced with someone who was being less than forthright? It’s not a stretch to suggest that you can ‘see it in their eyes.’ The lies, that is.

3. Eyes Wide Shut (movie)

Starring the at-the-time couple of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ was released in 1999. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, it is a dark thriller that had to undergo edits to retain its ‘R’ rating.

4. Red Eye (movie)

A Wes Craven film from 2005, ‘Red Eye’ stars Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. Its title is based on the term for flights leaving in the earliest hours of the morning. It’s a mystery thriller that is sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen!

5. Behind These Hazel Eyes (song)

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson’s breakout album ‘Breakaway’ included a few major singles. One of these was ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes,’ an anthem about Clarkson’s ex-boyfriend. Eye color is a popular pop-culture staple.

6. Brown Eyed Girl (song)

Speaking of, ‘Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison is another example of eye color making an appearance in a hit song. A classic with staying power, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ has been covered by several acts.

7. Behind Blue Eyes (song)

Do you know what it’s like to be a bad man? What about the sad man? The Who is betting that you don’t, in their hit song ‘Behind Blue Eyes.’ Surprisingly enough, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst did his own take on this song during the 90s.

8. Hawaiian Eye (tv show)

A black-and-white television show that ran from 1959 to 1963, the plot featured the adventures of Tracy Steele and Tom Lopaka, detectives. The two detectives comprised ‘Hawaiian Eye.’

9. Shut Eye (tv show)

‘Shut Eye’ follows former magician Charlie Haverford as he embarks on a new career as a psychic. The series streams exclusively on Hulu. It stars Jeffrey Donovan of ‘Burn Notice’ fame.

10. Diamond Eyes (song)

‘Diamond Eyes’ is a song by the band Shinedown and can be found on the deluxe version of the album ‘The Sound of Madness.’ It was used in other media, such as WWE’s Wrestlemania and the director’s cut of the movie ‘The Expendables.’

11. Eye in the Sky (song)

‘Eye in the Sky’ is a song by the Alan Parsons Project. Perhaps best known for ‘Sirius,’ which served as the introductory theme for the 1990 Chicago Bulls, the Alan Parsons Project has several hits to their name.

12. Apple of My Eye (idiom)

‘Apple of My Eye’ is a saying that means ‘object of my affection.’ Typically, it is said about a person for whom you have an affinity. There is no shortage of sayings that reference eyes.

13. Evil Eye (idiom)

If you’ve ever cut in line or taken the last slice of pizza, you’re all too familiar with the meaning of ‘Evil Eye.’ When someone gives you the ‘Evil Eye,’ it means you messed up and they’re letting you know it with their eyes.

14. Keep an Eye Out (idiom)

Of course, eyes being ‘out’ sounds like a painful medical emergency. In this instance, however, the idiom means ‘stay alert’ or ‘watch carefully.’ This is another saying that accurately portrays the importance of good vision.

15. More Than Meets the Eye (idiom)

‘More Than Meets the Eye’ typically means ‘there is more to this situation/person/etc. than is immediately obvious.’ Another reminder that sharp, dependable vision is important.


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