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If You Can’t See Out of One Eye, Seek Help Now

Woman who can't see out of one eye

We are born with two eyes for a reason—they do the optimal job of helping us see clearly and widely. Most of us are fortunate to maintain vision in both eyes throughout our lifetime, but sometimes this isn’t the case. If you have been having trouble seeing out of one eye, you need to seek medical attention immediately. Here’s why you need to seek medical assistance ASAP if you can’t see out of one eye:

Having poor or a complete absence of vision in one eye is highly alarming because it can be caused by a host of different reasons. If you have recently taken damage to that eye, such as during a sport or by an object hitting your face, it may signal something very serious that requires a doctor’s immediate attention.

Loss of vision in one eye can also signal something very sinister—a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). This is a serious medical emergency, and if your vision becomes completely absent while you experience symptoms like numbness, facial drooping, or slurred speech, you should dial 9-1-1 immediately (or have a bystander dial).

Sudden loss of vision can also be caused by a “blockage” of information from the eye to the brain. This means that something, such as a tumor, could be pressing on the optic nerve. While this is not highly common, it is still possible and is the main reason why you should contact a doctor if your vision suddenly changes in one eye.

Loss of vision can also be a sign of possible diabetes. Your regular physician should be contacted immediately if your vision changes, as this can signal your blood sugar being too high. If you have had diabetes for many years, your eyesight may deteriorate to the point where vision in one or both eyes is severely impaired. Consult a doctor right away if you experience these changes, as they can signal deeper issues about your overall health!

While there is a slew of other medical issues that can cause vision loss in a single eye rather than both, it’s still important to treat this situation as an emergency. Should it happen to you or someone you know, seek medical attention right away? Our vision health can often signal other medical issues, so it’s important to get this addressed as soon as you can!

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