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Keep Your Eyes Safe from Champagne Corks

  • Eyes Safety from Champagne Corks

The new year is upon us! And as is tradition for any time of celebration, it’s time to pop that champagne bottle in celebration of the closing of the year, and the decade.


However, this time of celebration can cause a danger to your eyes.


A cork can leave a champagne bottle at a speed of roughly 55 miles per hour, making that fast enough to shatter the screen of a phone, break a window, and plenty fast enough to do some serious damage to your eyes.


Because of this, it’s not that hard to believe that roughly 24 people die annually from being hit in the head with a champagne cork.


An injury to the eye by a cork can cause bleeding, both external and internal, aberrations, excessive swelling, and even glaucoma. So, this holiday season, be safe when you celebrate and use these tips to help you stay safe around corks.


Refrigerate Your Champagne

Chilling your bottle of champagne before the party starts isn’t just for show, it is actually used to prevent the bottle from popping open unexpectedly.


The bubbles that fill a bottle of champagne expand as they get warmer, making the pressure inside the bottle more unstable. If the bottle gets warm enough, and the bubbles expand too much, the cork could pop off sooner than you expect it to, causing an accident.


Don’t Point the Bottle at Anyone

Pointing a corked bottle of champagne at someone, especially after carrying or holding it, is never a good idea.


The more you move, shake, or rattle a bottle of champagne, the more the pressure inside the bottle builds up. This pressure could send the cork flying at any moment, so pointing that bottle at someone could mean putting their eyesight in danger.


Maintain Control

When it’s time to do the honors of removing the cork, make sure that you always have complete control of where that cork is going.


After removing the foil covering and the wire  cover that is usually draped over the cork, it is good practice to drape a towel or cloth over the top, and maintain a firm grip on the cork itself.


Then you want to point the bottle away from everyone else, and at a 45 degree angle, at which point you will slowly twist the bottle. Agitating the bottle this way will build enough pressure inside the bottle to force the cork out naturally, and by maintaining full control of the cork during this process you are ensuring that no accidents have the opportunity to occur.


Once the cork is out and secured, you simply have to pour and enjoy in a responsible manner!


While the holidays are usually a time to get together with friends and family and throw your worries aside, it is important that precautions like the ones listed above are still put in place, if only to prevent accidents and tragedies from endangering the health and happiness of our loved ones.


Bard Optical wishes you a safe and happy holiday.

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