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Nico Bellini Frames Now Available at Bard Optical | Designer Comfort

Nico Bellini Frames Now Available at Bard Optical

Nico bellini glasses at bard optical

Bard Optical is proud to present Nico Bellini!

Available at each of our 21 locations, this new line of quality frames exclusive to Bard Optical offers something new for all of our patients.

These new styles offer an original take on contemporary styles. They are designed for comfort and keep the wearer in mind. The Nico Bellini line offers a variety of styles to fit whatever lifestyle you may lead. Someone who likes to dip their toes in the water before jumping in? Try a style with a pop of color¬†just outside your comfort zone. The line features frames that let you experiment while still maintaining an everyday simplicity. This means any of these frames are appropriate for your 9-5 but offer fun details to get away from the mundane. If you’re more playful or want something with even more “POP!” there are bright, printed styles to choose from, too.

Nico bellini brand glasses frames

Nico bellini brand glasses frams

Come see what’s in store for you. Schedule an appointment today!

Black framed nico bellini brand glasses