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Join Bard Optical’s School Supply Drive

School supplies

Now through the end of September, Bard Optical is collecting school supplies for a district in every community where we have offices. Encouraging our future students and providing all the help we can is essential to their success. We interviewed Kathy Scott, a local school teacher, for more information on aiding our students.

Growing up in a household with two parents who were educators is a sure way to see the value of education – even from a very young age. Following in her parent’s footsteps, Ms. Scott went on to become a teacher, too. In her opinion, one of the biggest challenges her students (and herself) face is a lack of school supplies or support from their families. Whether it’s from a lack of parent involvement, or a family not having the means to provide, having the proper supplies in class is essential for these children to succeed.

Over the years, teachers are having to supply their own classrooms with more and more. In light of budget crises across the state, and funds for school remaining stagnant despite inflation, many teachers end up spending their own money every weekend to provide necessities to their students. For Ms. Scott, the number of students in her classrooms without school supplies has quadrupled in the last 5-10 years. School supply drives in the community are crucial to keeping these classrooms running efficiently.

Bard Optical is proud to be a part of its communities and wants to help local students get the supplies they need. Anyone who would like to pitch in can bring school supplies to their nearest Bard Optical location. Items being collected are #2 pencils, colored pencils, crayons, folders, glue bottles and sticks, and markers. These supplies will be distributed to local districts in early October.