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What To Consider When Searching for Vision Care for Your Family

Family Healthcare

Your eye doctor delivers personalized healthcare to you and your family.

That is a big responsibility, and at Bard Optical we take your Vision for Life seriously.

It’s our motto.

Our eye care professionals are members of the community, and we are proud of offering value as well as a personalized approach that meets the needs of our patients across Central Illinois.

We draw on our 75 years of service to our neighbors to offer patients uncompromising quality, price, and convenience.

We have made good Vision for Life possible for generations of Central Illinois residents.

Having deep roots in the community, we provide a continuity of care that you simply can’t get at the chain stores.


Regular eye exams are the cornerstone of a healthy vision. There’s nothing that can prevent vision loss more than a check-up of your eyes every year or two, depending on age and other health factors.

Medical experts at the highest levels make the same recommendation: “National agencies, including the National Eye Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, agree that a comprehensive eye examination is the only way to know whether your eyes and vision are healthy,” notes the American Optometric Association.

But where to start? Shopping for health care providers is more complicated than shopping for most other services.

Usually, deciding on a purchase means finding the perfect balance of price, quality, and convenience.

Health care services, however, can be different, more nuanced.

There’s more on the line.

And yet, getting it right is more important when it comes to the health of say, your eyes than it does to get right a purchase like a rug or a sweater.

Quality is the factor that takes on more importance than price or convenience.

Nowhere is this more true than with your eye care.

In fact, in a recent poll by the American Medical Association, “respondents across all ethnic and racial groups described the loss of eyesight as the worst ailment that could happen to them.”

Quality vision care is a highly-valued commodity.

Price, quality, and convenience are all important.

With Bard Optical, you don’t have to sacrifice any of these considerations to receive high-quality care.

Our ideal size and our long history serving Central Illinois make us as competitive and convenient as the big box stores, but also able to offer a better quality of patient care and personalized service.


As an industry leader for seven decades and going strong, we are proud of our track record of helping generations of local families take care of their vision.

Our goal is to provide you with the same level of care you have come to expect from your family doctor.

Bard Optical’s team of optometrists are highly skilled doctors who perform a range of procedures, both routine and specialized, including:

  • Diagnosing disease, including glaucomacataract, and retinal disease
  • Prescribing medication
  • Fitting contact lenses
  • Removing foreign bodies from the eye
  • Dispensing specialized products
  • Evaluating the vision correction needed for each patient
  • Co-managing surgical patients with outside medical doctors to provide continuity of care

Another thing to consider is our edge over the national chains and big-box stores.

Unlike them, our eye doctors have access to extended medical testing equipment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.



At Bard, we realize that no one can benefit from great vision care if they can’t afford it.

We make use of our size and experience in this industry to keep prices low for our patients.

We are proud that we work with almost every vision insurance plan in the area, whether employer-provided, public, or private.

See an alphabetized list on our Insurance page.

Also, we welcome Medicare, Medicaid, AARP discount plans, and other community savings plans.



We are proud to offer services at 21 locations throughout Central Illinois, from Peoria to Pontiac, from Rock Island to Sauk Valley, and from Galesburg to Decatur.

We respect your time.

We’ll get you on your way as quickly as possible.

For ease of scheduling, you can opt to make appointments online at our website, and you can order contacts through the site, as well.

Give us feedback through our patient portal, and read up on common eye conditions on our blog.

We’ve been here for nearly eight decades, and we’re not going anywhere.

We hope to help your family generations from now to maintain their good Vision for Life.

Thanks for letting us help you with yours!