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Show Your St. Patty’s Pride With Colored Contacts

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Are you ready to bust out your best green outfit and hit the town? St. Patrick’s Day is about revelry (plus some important history) and a big part of that celebratory spirit is looking the part. Without a dash of green in your outfit and accessories to match, how will others know that you’re ready to share a pint, some corned beef and cabbage, and a laugh?


There are the tried and true accessories: beads, hats, shirts. But, have you considered colored contacts? Colored contacts, from a reputable eye care center, make the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory! They’re unique, visually stunning, and ideal for celebrating Irish heritage!


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Add a Splash of Color

Green is in! When it’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can’t have enough of it. If you happened to be born with green eyes, you may feel you’re set. But, the color of green contacts offers a shade of green that just isn’t found in natural eye colors. If you have brown eyes or blue eyes, try switching to green for a day! It’s a great way to add green to your look and get fully into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.


Celebrate in Style

It’s hard to find the right way to celebrate. Whether you’re planning to visit some local pubs and eateries or whether you’re planning to attend a party (or several) or even a parade, it’s tough to find the best way to go about it. Colored contacts are a unique and fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They’re different, they’re stylish, and they give you something new to try!


Shock Your Friends

Nothing says ‘party’ like the element of surprise. Think about it: surprise parties, people hiding in oversized cakes, unexpected gifts – a good surprise can add a ton to your celebration! When you hit the scene in your green contacts, your friends will be stunned. Think of the looks you’ll get. Think of their reactions. Think of the instant talking point that green contacts would create!


Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? If you feel your outfit is lacking, consider some green contacts! They’ll add a splash of color to your outfit, they’ll help you celebrate in style, and you can shock your friends (in a good way)!


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