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Sports Eye Safety Month: Avoid Injuries to the Eye

Lacrosse Players Wearing Protective Masks

It’s Sports Eye Safety Month, so what better way to celebrate than to learn about! Only kidding, but of course everyone out there already knows the obvious but it never hurts to go over the basics again and refamiliarize yourself with proper eye protection. Don’t worry, this will be as painless as possible.


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Your eyes are important. So important that we have found ways to work around potential hazards to your eye health. When you go outside, always make sure that you have some sort of eye protection on or nearby. Eye protection is vague, but essentially, sunglasses are a bare minimum for anybody. The sun casts harmful UV rays every moment it is out and if you find yourself outside a lot, you could potentially damage your eyes due to these UV rays. Sunglasses help block out harmful light and places much less strain on your eyes while you are outside. They also protect you from harmful agents in the air. Freak accidents occur, from poison ivy to simple dust, all of which have a chance to cause lasting damage. Sunglasses places a barrier between you and the dangers of the wild, ensuring healthy eyesight for years to come.


When it comes to sports, eye protection is the way to go. It depends on the sport, but many high contact sports require or heavily insist on using eye protection. There have been countless injuries to the eye in major league sports and many more simply messing around having fun in the sun. Even if it’s just a local league, you shouldn’t risk it. Your eyes don’t repair themselves as you get older. They wear out, just like the rest of you. Keeping them in the best condition possible the longest is the best way to go through life.


Don’t forget to regularly check up on your eyes every other year, or every year if you have contacts or glasses. This way you are able to spot potential problems in the early stages and find ways to work around them or fix them before they become serious. Eyecare isn’t a hassle, it’s important. You want to see all stages of life, not just the early ones. Keep your eyes in tip top condition to ensure you get to see it all.


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