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Spring Is Coming: Protect Your Eyes From Allergies

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Spring is almost here and while that signals the return of warmer, more pleasant weather, it also means it’s time to protect your eyes against ocular allergies. What can you do to protect yourself? Below, we’ll cover three things you should keep in mind as the weather turns warmer and allergens come back into the picture:

Your Eyes Only

While it’s rarer, some people have isolated ocular allergies. Unlike most allergies, where the body is affected in multiple ways, isolated ocular allergies affect the eyes only. Whether you experience dry eyes, watery eyes, or itchy eyes that won’t quit, ocular allergies can prove to be an unwelcome interruption to your day and it’s important to prepare against them. For those who experience isolated ocular allergies, it can be easy to misidentify the issue. In the absence of other traditional symptoms of allergies (like a runny nose, sneezing, and more), one might¬†conclude that the cause of ocular irritation is something else. That’s why it’s important to get tested for allergies if your eyes become irritated when the seasons change.

Beyond Optometry

Most people who are allergic to pollen and other outdoor allergens, experience a wide range of allergy symptoms that let them know that something is wrong. For those people who have allergies that extend beyond the eyes, a number of care options are available. If you think that describes you, consult with your allergy doctor and find out what you’re allergic to and what medicine is available to help relieve symptoms. If the allergies are tied to a season like a springtime, work with your allergy doctor to put together a plan of care. Finding out the exact specifications of your allergies is important because it will help you understand what needs to be done on a yearly basis.

Preventative Care

Cool compresses and eye drops are just two examples of over-the-counter options for dealing with eyes afflicted with allergies. At the first sign of discomfort, start seeking preventative care measures to keep your symptoms under control. Once you’ve identified allergies as the source of your seasonal ocular irritation, work with your eye doctor at Bard Optical to come up with the best ways to keep your eyes happy and healthy during allergy season. Making an appointment with your eye doctor is a great way to learn about preventative care options and an effective way to jump-start your treatment before symptoms spiral out of control.

Work with your allergist, optometrist, and other healthcare professionals when you experience seasonal allergies that affect your eyes. Getting an early start preventing eye allergy symptoms will lead to a better springtime and will allow you to stop and smell the roses — without fear of itchy, watery, or dry eyes.

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