Start the New Year Right: Download our Color Blind Test For Kids

When kids being attending school, they have a lot of new problems and worries. They may be concerned with completing homework, making friends, or playing new games. One thing they should not have to worry about is their vision. Many kids have glasses, but how many peers of theirs are color blind? Is your child at risk for being color blind?

Color blindness is a genetic abnormality, wherein a person cannot see certain colors or their accompanying shades. Your child should not have to worry about if they fall on this spectrum, so it is recommended that if your child is at risk for the condition, you should get them tested. There are a few options for how to do this, but we first ask you to take the at-home downloadable color blind test for kids from Bard Optical.

It would be unfair to have your child live with this condition and not know it. It may hurt their self-esteem or cause them to have problems in school, especially if the teachers are unaware of the situation. Depending on the child’s age, it can hinder their academic performance because they won’t be able to learn their colors properly, or see certain colors when doing art projects.

This test is easy to use and can determine a lot about your child’s ability to see certain colors. Having this information for your own benefit is ideal, and you can always bring your child to the eye doctor to get a definite diagnosis. But before you spend extra time and money doing that, you should take the downloadable version for free, first!