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Time For Fireworks! Read These Eye Safety Tips

Eye Safety Tips Against Fireworks

Tomorrow is July 4th! Chances are, the sky is going to be filled with a captivating array of lights and colors. Fireworks have been a celebratory staple of Independence Day for years and it’s easy to see why: it’s an incredible visual! But, speaking of vision, fireworks can also be dangerous. When it comes to your eyes, you can never be too safe. If you plan on shooting off fireworks of your own today or tomorrow, make sure that you adhere to the eye safety tips below. Keep your eyes safe so they can enjoy the show!


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Aim Up and Away

When using fireworks, make sure that you’re shooting them off in a clear area, where they can make it safely into the sky. Trying to use fireworks in an area with many trees or buildings is a bad move and could result in disaster. When aiming fireworks, never ever point them at another person. What started as a “joke” could go very wrong, very quickly. In general, make sure that fireworks are pointed up and away – keeping eyes safe and keeping the trajectory known.


Stay Alert and Aware

When shooting off fireworks (or even as a spectator to a show), stay alert. Most shows happen at night and it’s a good idea to grab a cup of coffee before you settle in for the display. Being alert can help you defend against any projectiles that may inadvertently make their way towards your face. Staying aware of your surroundings can help you identify unsafe conditions quickly and gives you time to make adjustments. Keeping your “eyes open” can help protect your vision from disaster.


Wear Eye Protection

If you are in charge of shooting off fireworks, it’s a great idea to wear protective goggles or other eye protection. While it may not be necessary for watching fireworks at a distance, it should be required for handling fireworks in close quarters. Think about it – fireworks are exploding projectiles. Fire and force can be a dangerous combination. Give yourself every possible advantage by wearing eye protection when handling fireworks up close.


Handle Fireworks Safely

When using fireworks, make sure that you read all available safety instructions. Fireworks (should) come with instructions that will help detail proper disposal and give safety instructions. For example, if you get a “dud” firework and it doesn’t light, do not try to re-light it. Instead, dispose of that firework properly and move on. Paying close attention to all safety instructions will help ensure that your fireworks display is both fun and safe!

Ready to start the celebration? Fireworks are a blast! Make sure that you keep the above-eye safety tips in mind and have the time of your life! Cookout, spend time with family, and celebrate the red, white, and blue! Happy 4th of July from Bard Optical!


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