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“Vision For Life” Starts Early

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Life is full of many difficulties, one of which being the maintenance of our vision. Eyecare is important to a person’s well-being far into the future and should be prioritized early in life to prevent problems from occurring as time goes on.

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Ensuring proper eye care for children is a must to make sure their trip through life is as simple as possible. Untreated or undiagnosed vision impairments can lead to a life of struggle as hardships mount due to issues with vision. In order to make sure your child is safe from these problems, there are a few steps to follow.

First, it is important to take your baby to the optometrist at around 6 months for their first eye examination to check for any early problems with vision and to get them dealt with quickly. Unless there are pressing issues, the next exam doesn’t need to be until about the age of 3 and then again before they enter school.

Babies also need to learn to see. From an early age, they go through stages of visual learning, from tracking movement to light and color, and finally depth perception. By the time they are entering school for the first time, vision problems will be more apparent. Parents should watch out for short attention spans for their age, poor depth perception, hand-eye coordination problems, or issues distinguishing between different colors and shapes. All of these point to potential eye damage or vision impairment and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Vision impairment can be harmful to the learning experience. Imagine entering a classroom full of different shapes and colors and being physically unable to tell which one is which. Without proper eye care, early learning can be a tremendous struggle for children due to the vast majority of early education occurring through the use of colors and shapes. This sets children back tremendously and without the correct vision aid, will leave them in the dust.

Whether it be sports or otherwise if your child has some form of vision impairment, they should be protecting their eyes by wearing glasses, prescription sports goggles, or contacts, so long as they have been appropriately prescribed by an optometrist. Not doing so puts their eyes at greater risk the longer they go without protection.

Finally, don’t simply believe they will be all right in the long run if something is amiss. Untreated vision impairment can have dangerous results down the road. “Well maybe it will fix itself in a bit,” is a dangerous way of thinking that will lead to larger complications later on. Spending a bit of money early will save you a lot of money in the long run. Be wary for the sake of your child’s future, this is the only one they have. “Vision For Life” starts early.


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