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Wear Designer Glasses at These 12 Events in 2017

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If you have both contact lenses and designer glasses, it can be difficult to determine which events you should rock your glasses at. After all, both have their benefits and potential pitfalls. Glasses can break (so they’re not the best for a game of flag football) and contact lenses can become dry if left in for too long (so they may not be ideal for that 72-hour Netflix marathon). Which events call for your fashionable frames? Read our list below and envision your bespectacled self showing up at these events:

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1. New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve 2016 has come and gone. But, NYE 2017 is coming up (in about 11 months)! Wear your glasses on NYE. Why? For one, you have to stay up until midnight and you might find glasses to be more comfortable. Also, your designer frames could make you a prime midnight kiss candidate!

2. Valentine’s Day

Speaking of smooching, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day-long event that you should wear your designer glasses at. Naturally, you look amazing in your frames – that should be reason enough. But, glasses are also romantic, because they capture your style and personality. Being you is the best!

3. St. Patrick’s Day

It’s hard to look sophisticated on St. Patrick’s Day. Between the imbibing, the garish green outfits, and the general rowdiness, looking put together doesn’t come easily. But, if you wear your designer glasses on St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll find yourself among the more mature revelers out there.

4. April Fool’s Day

With modern eyeglass lenses, your glasses provide sharper vision than ever before. On April Fool’s Day, that is especially handy. There’s an insidious prank lurking behind every corner and you need your sharpest vision to see them coming. Wear your glasses and steer clear of pranking.

5. Memorial Day

Memorial Day is often marked by outdoor events – pool parties, backyard BBQs, or sporting events. That signals the perfect time for designer *SUNGLASSES.* Protect your eyes and look cool at the same time. You’ll notice a theme over the next few entries…

6. Your Neighbor’s BBQ

As summer begins, you’ll start getting invites to all kinds of outdoor social events. The best among them? Your neighbor’s BBQ Bash. Thrown every year, your neighbor makes a mean brisket and you should attend (potato salad in hand), wearing designer sunglasses.

7. The 4th of July

Speaking on behalf of every concerned parent: you should wear full-blown eye protection during the 4th of July. Fireworks are used with reckless abandon and the festivities can become chaotic. Wear your designer frames on the 4th of July and keep a keen eye on the action. Stay safe!

8. Any Wedding

If you’re attending a wedding, chances are you need accessories. Designer glasses are the ultimate accessory – they’ll complement your outfit and make you the envy of other wedding-goers. Plus, your frames give you perfect vision, so you can soak up the love that hangs in the air.

9. Labor Day

Labor Day is also a day for outdoor fun! From lawn games to bonfires, Labor Day delivers the R&R. Sitting by a bonfire can cause discomfort to the eyes. To help curb that unfortunate effect, wear your glasses. Plus, showing off your frames can be a cool conversation piece.

10. Halloween

Wearing glasses on Halloween can serve a few purposes: great comfort, great style, and GREAT Halloween costumes! Halloween can be a night of fright, but with your designer frames, it becomes a night of fashion!

11. Thanksgiving

Coming up with a conversation on Thanksgiving can be a tall task. So, why not start the conversation with your designer frames? Your glasses are unique, stylish, and make a statement. Let your glasses start the conversation and avoid the topics that could cause tension at the Turkey Day table.

12. Your Office Holiday Party

The Office Holiday Party is a staple of workplaces everywhere. It can also be a premier place to wear your glasses! Let your glasses be your top accessory and make the kind of appearance you know you’re capable of at Your Office Holiday Party.

Where should you wear your glasses? Everywhere! The above events are just a few examples of places and times that your glasses would fit perfectly.


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