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Wear Your Swimming Goggles to Protect Your Eyes

Swimming goggles resting on sand

With warmer temperatures on the way, it’ll finally be time to spend some time outside in the sun. There’s plenty to do, but one thing that’s only available for a few months is the swimming pool. It’s tempting to spend all day making laps or hanging out with friends and family. Maybe you’ll get into a splashing contest or someone will dunk you underwater!

This sounds like a great time, but throughout the day, your eyes may become irritated and itchy. This is why you should wear your swimming goggles.

Wearing swimming goggles protects your eyes from all sorts of things during your time in the pool. One main association we have with pools is the chlorine used to clean the water. The chemical is present in the water to kill off bacteria and other harmful toxins. The only drawback to that is that the chemical is also somewhat harmful to our eyes when they are exposed to it directly. It causes the wet film that covers our eyes to dry out, which can cause irritation and redness over time. It’s best to wear goggles any time you’ll be exposed to chlorine to minimize its effects. Then your eyes will feel much better after a long day at the pool!

Another reason to use goggles is to protect your eyes from any potential pathogens in the water. While chlorine does a fine job of killing most bacteria, it cannot do everything. Some germs are unaffected by it, so the redness and irritation that your eyes experience can also be caused by this. It’s like getting dirt in your eyes—it’s bound to sting! Wearing goggles can block the water from your eyes and save you the pain of an eye infection.

Speaking of eye infections, you should also wear goggles to reduce your chances of getting pink eye. This infection is terribly uncomfortable and highly contagious. Pools are a hotspot for it because of how easily it can spread in the water if the chlorine is ineffective. Wearing goggles and avoiding contact with your eyes will protect you from this discomfort.

While it may not be the most fashionable option, it’s important to keep your eyes protected at all times. Wearing goggles at the pool is the best way to go about it, and we want the very best for you!

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