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What All Eye Exam Places Should Have in Common

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Suppose you’ve been to multiple eye care facilities over the last few years, and none seem to have everything you’re searching for. However, it’s vital that all facilities satisfy your basic needs, along with a few other desires that give you the incentive to be a repeat client.


Your eye care provider (along with the other members on staff) should treat you like a good friend. It’s disappointing when you go to see your vision provider and they don’t seem to remember you. Vision providers should be able to have a friendly conversation with you rather than simply seeing you for the scheduled time and then sending you on your way. There should be a kind rapport between you and the staff, not one lacking courtesy.


Your provider should also be able to offer a wide selection of frames and contacts. High-end and private practices tend to emphasize designer and custom frames, which isn’t always affordable for the average person. Your vision provider should have an expansive selection of brand names and a wide price range. There should also be multiple options for contacts, as not everyone’s eyes are the same! We should be able to rely on our provider to give us the best choices for our specific prescriptions and personal needs.


Before you even step foot into an exam room, you should be able to pick up a piece of easy reading at your eye office as you wait. Most optometry practices have magazines, pamphlets, and other pieces of writing to keep you entertained. It’s good to take a break from staring at a screen every once in a while, so having options around you makes it much easier to do so.


Going to see an optometrist isn’t necessarily fun for some of us, especially children. They won’t be entertained by reading magazines, so each eye office should have a small selection of toys, games, or books for young children to use. It will keep them occupied as they wait, which is difficult for most kids anyway. Having options for patients of all ages is essential to keeping a welcoming atmosphere!


Another nice touch that each eye office should have is refreshments or candies. After all, you deserve a reward for coming to your appointment. Physician offices generally have suckers or stickers for the children, so optometrists should follow suit. Children are happier (and more rambunctious) after a little sugar, and they would love to have a treat after seeing the doctor! Optometry offices can offer light refreshments (water, tea, or coffee) for adults, and then suckers for kids (though adults are welcome, too)!


While you expect eye doctor’s offices to hold the essentials (licensed optometrists, quality equipment, and a sterile environment) it’s always a welcome change of pace when you can feel at home in their place of business. It encourages patrons to return, and that’s the kind of stability we should all have in a vision provider!



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