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Why Designer Glasses Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

New sunglasses for christmas

Is your Christmas shopping done? Don’t lie. It’s not. There aren’t enough hours in the day and people are challenging to shop for. Here’s an idea you may not have thought of: designer glasses. Go somewhere with a fantastic selection and you can find the perfect gift for anyone. Things to look for: anyone who owns glasses, but doesn’t like to wear them. Anyone openly talking about needing new glasses. Or, anyone who has recently lost or broken their glasses. They’ll be on the hunt for a new pair and you can help end that hunt on Christmas morning.

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Why will glasses work as a Christmas present?

They’re Fashionable

Fashion is always a good quality in gifts. Giving someone glasses for Christmas is a way to appeal to their sense of style and good taste. Everyone likes designer frames. They make a statement. They’re symbolic of attitudes and vibes. They can complete the perfect look. Glasses are a gift that appeals in numerous ways and works especially well as a gift for the fashion-forward.

They Have Utility

The tired joke about holiday gift giving usually revolves around a pair of tube socks. They serve a purpose, they’re useful, but they’re not something anyone looks forward to receiving. A new pair of designer glasses has the same utility (people need to see!) but it’s also something that anyone would be happy to find under the tree. Nobody Instagrams their new tube socks. They will with new designer frames.

They Have Staying Power

Designer glasses will stick around. It’s never fun to buy a gift that you suspect will end up on a shelf, in a drawer, or collecting dust in the garage. Glasses can be worn daily. And, if because you’re buying designer, it’s likely the person receiving the gift won’t want to take them off at all. Glasses are also long-lasting and durable. They’ll be something that brings years of joy to the person receiving the gift. Most gifts don’t have that kind of staying power.

They’re Highly Personal

When stumped, people searching for gifts to give often opt for something handmade or sentimental. It’s usually less expensive and highly personal to the person receiving the gift. The same thought and care needs to go into selecting glasses for someone. In fact, it will likely take some clandestine work to gather information on preferred style, fit, and color. Also, to be courteous, make sure the exchange policy will be flexible for the person receiving new glasses.

The Receiver Will Exclaim “Cool!”

As the gift-giver, that’s the reaction you’re looking for. Designer frames are genuinely cool and something that will elicit the type of reaction that tube socks could only dream of. Glasses are a memorable gift that the receiver can wear for years. It’s a cool gift that shows thought, consideration, and an eye for style. Plus, who wouldn’t be complimented by the work that goes into buying something so personal and so specific?

Consider glasses as a gift this Christmas and give the gift of sight!


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