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Worried About Eye Exam Cost? There Are Ways to Save


The thought of an eye exam can be intimidating. You enter a nicely remodeled office. You visit with at least one, if not several, administrative clerks. Finally, someone takes you into a room. The eye doctor may take you from that room to one or several stations in his or her quest to determine your eye maladies. In your mind, the costs of visiting this office are starting to add up between the wages and costs of using the equipment.

You’re not alone. In fact, more than half of adult Americans did not seek eye care due to a lack of awareness or costs, according to the CDC. That’s an incredible number, considering 14 million Americans over the age of 12 have a visual impairment.

Fortunately, many eye care providers offer a number of special offers for patients. In this post, we’ll explain some of the special offers Bard Optical provides.

Special Deals On Eyeglasses

First, check your eye care provider’s website for exclusive discounts.

We provide special offers that change regularly. Examples of some of our most recent discounts have been:

  • Two pairs of glasses for $69
  • Buy one pair of glasses and save 50% off your second pair
  • A free pair of prescription sunglasses with the purchase of your first pair
  • Ordering your for the same price to ensure you always have contacts

Keep checking our offers page regularly to see what new deals are available for you.

Eyewear Plans

Another cost-effective way to visit the eye doctor is to explore eyewear plans.

Preferred Provider Discount Vision Care Plan

The Preferred Provider Discount Vision Care Plan we offer can be tailored to your specific needs.

Under this plan, our eye exams cost an average of $50 less than the average national retail number. This exam includes a standard vision analysis and diagnosis.

We also offer savings on lenses and lens add-ons, such as UV protection and tinting.

Finally, you can save an additional 25 percent on frames and sunglasses with this plan.

KidsGear Eyewear Plan

Our savings aren’t just for adults.

We also offer three options for kids’ eyewear. Each package includes:

  • An eye health examination
  • Choice of frame per package level
  • Polycarbonate lenses (safest material available)
  • Scratch protection
  • Ultraviolet protection (screens harmful light rays)
  • 1-year eyewear protection plan

All three are designed to help you save up to $80.

Safety Eyewear Program

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2011 that workplace injuries to the eyes accounted for more than a third of all head injuries in 2008. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration says these eye injuries cost more than $300 million in lost productivity, medical expenses, and worker compensation.

That’s why our safety eyewear program is customized to each organization’s specific needs. Based on 70 years of professional eyecare, our protective eyewear is designed to meet OSHA requirements and to keep your employees safe on the job.

Check with your eye care provider to determine what benefits are available to you, or contact us to learn more about our offers.

Gift Cards

Our final, everyday offer is a Bard Optical gift card. This option is perfect for any time of year since vision health is always important.

If you think you might have a vision issue, don’t hesitate to contact your eye care provider. They’ll work with you and your budget to meet your eyecare needs.

Free downloadable vision care comparison guide