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10 Tips for Caring for Your Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass Protection

The lenses in your glasses are more powerful and versatile than ever. But, as strong as modern lens technology has become, they still need to be protected. Keep the below tips in mind and you’ll make sure that your glasses (and lenses) stick around for the long haul. Take good care of your lenses and they’ll take good care of your vision:

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1. Safely Bust Smudges

Most glasses come with a specific cloth that is intended to be used to remove smudges from your lenses. Don’t stray too far from what’s provided. Eyeglass lenses can become scratched and cloudy if you use rough cloth or harsh cleaners in an attempt to remove imperfections from your lenses.

2. Practice Safe Storage

If you purchase glasses, chances are, they will come with a protective case. Keep them in that case when they’re not on your face. It can be tempting to throw them on a dresser or stuff them in a drawer (or toss them anywhere), but that endangers them. Accidents do happen and your lenses are safer when they’re in a case.

3. Don’t Lose Them

You can’t protect what you don’t have. If you’re someone who misplaces things easily, consider investing in a device that will keep your glasses tethered to your neck. It may not be the coolest look, but you’ll save money and time by not having to replace your eyeglass lenses.

4. Not a Play Thing

Kids pretty much play with whatever they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, ‘playing’ often unintentionally becomes a euphemism for ‘destroying.’ Be aware of where your glasses are in relation to curious and active hands. Modern lenses are strong, but not stronger than the insatiable curiosity of a child.

5. Active, But Not Too Active

Many eyeglass lenses are now designed for movement. Whether it’s an ‘athleisure’ brand, or they’re just ‘sporty,’ you don’t need to treat your lenses delicately. That said, if you’re playing a contact sport (like basketball, football, hockey, or boxing), it’s time to pop in those contact lenses and put on protective goggles.

6. Oceans, Mountains, Oh My!

Worse than just misplacing something as important as your glasses, is losing them where you know they can’t be recovered. If you’re surfing in the ocean or scaling a mountain and your glasses come off your face, they are gone. This is true of roller coasters, too. Make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings at all times.

7. No Projectiles

This seems obvious, but eyeglass lenses are flying objects don’t mix. In fact, you should be wearing protective eyewear whenever projectiles come into the picture. That scene can vary. It might be an auto shop or construction site. It might be a paintball field or racquetball court. In any event, it’s time to put your glasses away.

8. Don’t Lend Them

Again, you’re probably smacking your forehead with your hand and shouting ‘DUH!’ at your screen right now. But it has to be said: don’t lend your glasses to anyone. Even if that person shares your prescription, it’s hard to protect what is out of your sight. Keep your glasses in your possession to keep them safe.

9. Find a Lifestyle Fit

Your eyeglass lenses should fit your lifestyle. With so many modern designs and capabilities, there’s no reason that you can’t find the lens technology that you need to live the life you want. If your glasses aren’t ideal for driving, seeing at night, or seeing clearly, it’s time to make a switch.

10. Make Sure They’re Right

While confirming your prescripton each year isn’t a ‘protection,’ per se, it does protect the effectiveness of your lenses. Your lenses help make your glasses more than a fashion statement. Visit your optometrist yearly (at least) and confirm that they’re doing their job correctly.


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