Safety Eyewear Programs
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At Bard Optical, everything we do is for our patients, and that’s why we’ve developed our unique Safety Eyewear Program. Our expert team makes it easy for you to keep your employees by providing them with protective eyewear.

What Are Our Safety Eyewear Programs?

We’ve created customizable safety programs for numerous industries that make our already low prices even more economical. These programs provide you with safety information for your business and give your team members access to the eye protection they deserve.

Customized Safety Programs Include

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Easily Stay Compliant with Current Safety Requirements

Did you know? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the top three most common workplace injuries year in and year out involve workers being struck in the eye by an object. Due to accidents like this, safety standards are constantly being updated. Bard Optical’s safety programs make it easy to invest in your employees’ safety and showcase that you have their best interests in mind. We help you stay current with OSHA requirements such as:

  • Employees who wear prescription lenses while engaged in operations involving eye hazards must wear eye protection incorporating the prescription in its design.
  • Eye and face protective eyewear must be distinctly marked to ANSI Z87.1 standards.
  • Eyewear must not restrict vision or movement.
  • Eyewear must not interfere with any other protective equipment.


William Babb
William Babb
June 6, 2023
Very happy 😁 about my visit to your office
Debora K Sheets
Debora K Sheets
April 29, 2023
I had issues due to eye problems and Bard optical worked with me until my glasses were perfect for me to be able to see while driving
Cindy Doubet
Cindy Doubet
April 24, 2023
Everyone was friendly and helpful. The building was clean and pleasant.
Jeannette Mccullough
Jeannette Mccullough
April 24, 2023
All the employees are so awesome
Dorothy Mowrer
Dorothy Mowrer
March 27, 2023
I have always been greeted, served and treated with respect & kindness! Appreciate the staff!!!!
Rach Houston
Rach Houston
March 6, 2023
Fixed my bifocals so I can see out of them and I got them back so fast. Thank you!
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