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13 Halloween Costumes for People with Glasses

Skull wearing sunglasses

If you’ve got prescription glasses and don’t want to have to fuss with contacts this Halloween, no worries! There are plenty of classic Halloween costumes where you won’t have to do without.

Clark Kent costume

1. Clark Kent – Nothing wrong with the classics, right? Pulling off this disguise can be an easy look for people of any age. Put a Superman shirt on under a button-down, drape a tie over your shoulder, or add a cape (especially fun for kids).

Nerd costumes

2. Nerd – Pick out your stereotypical outfit – maybe with a plain button-down, dressy shorts, and a pair of suspenders. Wrap a piece of white tape around the bridge of your frames and head out for a night of fun. No pocket protector needed – though the more accessories, the more fun!

Barb from stranger things wearing goldrim glasses

3. Barb from Stranger Things – With Season 2 of this Netflix thriller just around the corner, an homage to a Season 1 favorite could be perfect for you! No spoilers for those who haven’t seen this series (c’mon! This one’s definitely worth watching), but this fan favorite is a perfect choice for the holiday. Get a throwback outfit, and be the best friend you can be. You might want to avoid swimming pools, just to be safe.

Guy and girl wearing hipster glasses costume

4. Hipster – A thick-rimmed frame and messy hair are about all it takes to pull off a look reminiscent of the “hipster” look. Lucky for you, you actually have a lot of options for clothing – skinny jeans and band shirts may work, but so can a comfortable set of leggings with a bulky sweater. It’s the attitude that will let you pull this costume off flawlessly, such as quoting obscure writers or loudly talking about how you liked that thing before everyone else. You can even take any regular costume, and add your thick glasses to create a hipster version of it, such as the ever-popular hipster Disney princesses.

Daria wearing eyeglasses

5. Daria – On that note, why not parade your own jaded, cynical worldview and dress up as the original hip girl – Daria? Wear some round frames, bangs, and a green jacket with boots and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you’ve got a friend to be Jane or Quinn.

Couple doing Guess who game piece costume

6. Guess Who Game Piece – This is a fun costume that a couple or a group can go out in. Just get a piece of cardboard and paint it red or blue – adding a name and “Guess Who?” optional. Wear a variety of identifiable objects, like hats or mustaches and your own pair of glasses! Just be ready to answer 20 questions from your fellow party-goers.

John lennon costume

7. John Lennon – A set of round glasses and a shaggy haircut is all you need. A guitar and some bandmates or fangirls may help to finish off your look. Spread messages of peace and love, and share good vibes with anyone you meet.

Man wearing colonel sanders costume

8. Colonel Sanders – Put on your best all-white suit, and tie a black ribbon around your neck. Don’t forget the iconic white hair and matching beard. Bring a friend dressed as a chicken (or one of your fast food competitors) and get ready for a good ol’ time. If you want to go for this look but don’t want to break the bank, you may be able to find official Kentucky Fried Chicken gear.

Velma wearing glasses

9. Velma –  Zoinks! This is a low-budget costume that puts you in one of the best colors for the season. Simply grab an orange turtle neck, red skirt, and you’re good to go. A short brown bobbed wig completes the look. It doesn’t take a team of meddling kids to know this would be a cute look for anyone in glasses!

Child in artist costume

10. Artist – Whether you want to pay homage to one of your favorite artists or are just looking for a creative last-minute costume, you can’t go wrong with this one. Grab a painter’s palette and large brush, wear a smock or an old shirt you drip some paint on and you’re ready for any party. You can incorporate your glasses naturally, or reference a famous artist, like Andy Warhol.

Man wearing waldo costume with glasses

11. Where’s Waldo  – Red and white stripes are where it’s at! Simple, but easily recognizable. Just wear blue jeans, and a striped shirt, with a red hat if you so choose. This is a good costume for you and a friend, or a couple. Have fun playing hide and seek with your friends!

Dwight schrute wearing glasses

12. Office Worker  – Not enough time to change after work? No problem! Career costumes are nothing new (from nurse to firefighter, etc), and even your everyday outfit from a 9-5 can work as a costume. Take it a step further with accessories. Bring along a stapler and you’re Milton from Office Space. Wear aviator-style glasses, and talk about your beet farm as Dwight from The Office. There is plenty of pop culture office staff that you can emulate – without having to take your own glasses off.

Child in harry potter costume with glasses

13. Harry Potter  – As popular as ever, be everyone’s favorite boy wizard! There is no end to the Harry Potter-themed outfits and accessories available. Don’t forget to bring your wand, or even a Hedwig along for the adventure.