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3 Reasons Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear is a Slam Dunk

Shaq wearing his brand of frames

During his college basketball career at LSU, it became quickly obvious that Shaq was going to be a perennial All-Star in the NBA. His larger-than-life personality made it clear that Shaq could be a superstar in the league. But, no one could have predicted the global phenomenon and supernova star that Shaq would become.

Shattered backboards. Championship rings. Shoes. Rap albums. Kazaam (it wasn’t THAT bad).

Now: Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear.

While it’s going to be tough for anybody to be as cool as the affable big man, Shaq’s new line of designer frames can help people get a little closer.

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Below are 3 reasons why Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear is a slam dunk:

1. They’re stylish

A young Shaq used to shock defenders and observers alike with his stunning speed and agility for someone his size. In fashion, it could be considered an obstacle to have an imposing physique like Shaq’s. But, he must have missed the memo. The Big Fashionista has built himself into a style icon, rocking both bold and elegant outfits without trouble. From shoes to suits to shirts to ties, Shaq has both worn and attached his name to clothing and accessories that stand out while setting the standard. Shaq’s new line of designer frames continues the trend – they’re high-quality, fashion-forward frames for everybody.

2. They’re affordable

Quality doesn’t have to be unattainable. Shaquille O’Neal set out to create an eyewear line that people could afford, even if it is a designer brand. Shaq has always been a gregarious and approachable figure. For a celebrity as towering (both in stature and fame) as Shaq, that’s an impressive feat. Shaq loves people and wants to bring positivity to others. Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear isn’t a pretentious foray into high fashion. It’s a line of fashionable, quality glasses that won’t empty your bank account.

3. They’re sports-inspired

According to Shaq, “This line will be stylish, yet affordable, and will also include an offering of frames for larger men like myself.” Shaq thought of just about everything for his new line of frames. They’re smart and stylish. But, they’re also sports-inspired. Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear is built for an active lifestyle and everyday comfort. Plus, as Shaq revealed in his quote above, there are even frames created specifically with larger men in mind. Active. Comfortable. Stylish. What more could one ask for?

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