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4 Celebrities You Never Knew Wore Contact Lenses

Celebrities with Contacts

Glasses get all the press!


Sure, a pair of designer frames DO make a statement and are worth 3,000 words or so in InTouch or People Magazine, but they’re not the only eye accessory in Tinseltown.


Contact lenses are the unsung heroes of celebrity eyewear. Most people never even think about it, but not all celebrities with poor vision wear glasses out and about. Some prefer contact lenses for correcting their vision and they look good doing it!


Who are the purveyors of contact lenses in Hollywood? See if you recognize any of these names…


1. Jennifer Aniston

Rachel from Friends is a contacts wearer?? It’s true. While you rarely see Jennifer Aniston putting them in or taking them out on screen, she’s a longtime user of contact lenses to correct her vision. It’s a shame they never did ‘The One Where Rachel Loses a Contact Lens’ during the series. There’s still time to squeeze it in if the often-rumored reunion comes to fruition. As a world-famous actress, Aniston is constantly traveling from set to set. Contacts give her the comfort and flexibility she needs to deliver captivating performances day in and day out (while being able to see her coworkers).


2. Orlando Bloom

Perhaps best known for his role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ Orlando Bloom is another celebrity who wears contact lenses. Bloom has also starred in the Lord of the Rings movies and is an active socialite – often appearing alongside famous models like Victoria Secret’s Miranda Kerr. Contacts are a comfortable way to correct vision and not have to account for glasses. Bloom is another celebrity, like Aniston, with a demanding schedule that requires him be several places in the course of a day. Contacts are an easy way to keep your vision sharp on the move.


3. Jennifer Garner

The former star of ‘Alias’ has made headlines most recently because of the end of her relationship with Ben Affleck. But, in happier (if completely unrelated) news, Jennifer Garner is a contacts wearer! Contacts could help her corral her kids and keep her home and career in order. Garner hasn’t made too many movie appearances recently, focusing instead on the family. But, she does do endorsements for Neutrogena and other products. Staying flawless while managing a family and a demanding public career is a challenge, but Jennifer Garner pulls it off and pulls it off in contact lenses.


4. Taylor Swift

Yes! Country and pop music megastar Taylor Swift wears contacts! After a smash album ‘1989’ and a supplementary tour, Swift is taking a much-needed break from the road. Don’t fear, though – she’s still appearing at award shows and other events (in her contact lenses). Swift is a musical revelation that has captured the hearts and minds of people across age groups, demographics, and genres. With her breakneck touring schedule, it makes sense that Swift would opt for the flexibility of contact lenses. As an international trendsetter, it’s a safe bet that contact lenses are about to take off! Thanks, T-Swift!

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