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4 Classic Holiday Movie Characters Who Wear Prescription Eyeglasses

Santa Claus Wearing Prescription Eyeglasses


It’s very difficult and nearly impossible to find characters in movies and TV nowadays who rely on prescription eyeglasses. If they do, they are generally thrown into the category of “nerd” or “genius outcast.” However, there are several holiday movie characters who wear prescription glasses and are loved by families around the world! These are four of our favorites.


1. Ralphie from “A Christmas Story”

This beloved Christmas classic features a main character, a child no less, with a heavy set of prescription glasses. He is like any other child his age—deeply wishing for Santa to bring him the gift he so desperately wants. Sadly, he is bullied by other children for his glasses and it puts a damper on his holiday spirit. Ralphie doesn’t let them stop him though, and his story is one that many children with glasses may be able to relate to.


2. The conductor from “The Polar Express”

“The Polar Express” is a staple in nearly every household across the country during the holiday season. While he is not a true “main character,” the glasses-wearing conductor does play a large role in the movie and book. He causes the children aboard his train to believe in Santa Claus and Christmas again, which is a wonderful moral to take inspiration from. It’s entertaining for young kids, and heartwarming for their parents. The conductor is a wholesome role model many children can look up to.


3. Clark Griswold from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”

Clark Griswold is a wacky character out of this humorous Christmas classic who just can’t seem to catch a break! Everything that can go on this holiday season seems to be happening to the Griswolds, making it a memorable and timeless film. Clark’s zany attitude doesn’t come from his spectacles, but they are certainly a large part of who he is. They make him stand out from the crowd even more than he already does!


4. Santa in “Miracle on 34th Street”

Jolly ol’ Kris Kringle in this black-and-white Christmas special is no stranger to the happenings of Christmas, and reading all the tags on presents has taken a toll on his vision over the years—especially if he believes he’s the real Santa Claus! His holiday spirit doesn’t waver throughout the film, all while the people around him are growing more and more skeptical of his true identity. His determination to fight for his true self is admirable. The fact that he wears glasses is relatable to those of us who also have poor sight!


With all of these classic Christmas movies to choose from, these are the selections we thought best showed the holiday spirit (and also featured a few visually impaired characters). These movies all have the holiday spirit shining through, even in the face of rude bullies, lost beliefs, total disasters, and strange misunderstandings.

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