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4 Contact Lens Problems and How to Fix Them

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Having glasses or contacts requires special attention when it comes to maintenance. There are many things that can go wrong with either one, especially contacts. Glasses may break or have missing screws in the frames, but contacts present a unique set of challenges. After all, they are very delicate and flimsy, and they must be cleaned and properly maintained to ensure they are working correctly. Here are four of the most common contact lens problems, along with how you can fix them!

1. Dry contacts

One of the issues with contacts is that they can dry out throughout the day, especially if the weather isn’t ideal and you have to spend a lot of time outside. Dry contacts can make your eyes irritated or red, which is rather uncomfortable. If you experience this, you should try taking your contacts out and washing them in saline solution to moisten them. Or if this is a hassle, just put on your glasses for a day to give your eyes some much-needed rest.


2. Ripped or scratched lens

Contacts are sensitive and must be handled with care. However, they are prone to get ripped or punctured even while in the eye. If your contacts feel uncomfortable in one eye, remove them immediately and examine them for dirt or other damage. If they have rips or scratches, dispose of them and use a new pair of available. If you don’t have this option, use your glasses and contact a physician to get a refill on your contacts if possible. Should your eye feel irritation after disposing of the damaged contacts, visit your eye doctor to make sure you don’t have any foreign debris in your eyes and no damage to the cornea from the contact.


3. Blurry vision with contacts in

If you experience blurry or poor vision with your contacts in, you should first make sure that you have put them in the correct eye by taking them out and switching them. This is a common issue that many contact wearers have done, so you should make sure that you have not also made this same mistake. If this isn’t the case and your vision is still blurry, try cleaning them and repeating the process. The contacts may have also been made with an error in the prescription, so you should contact your eye doctor if you have tried the suggestions above.


4. Discomfort when wearing contacts

If you experience discomfort while wearing your contacts, there may be a few possible explanations for the issue. First, you should try taking them out and cleaning them in case they are dirty or you have been wearing them for a while. Your eyes may be dry, which can be easily remedied by moistening your contacts or eyes. However, if you have discomfort but cannot find the source, it is best to stop wearing your contacts temporarily and use glasses instead. The contacts may need changing, depending on the prescription you have. Try all of these before contacting a physician, as there may be something more serious if pain or discomfort persists.

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