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4 Facts About the Best Optometrist in Decatur

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Sometimes, it’s not easy to see clearly. For example: identifying the best optometrist in Decatur can be tough, without an illustration. Below are facts about Bard Optical that help paint a picture, showing why Bard Optical is the best optometrist in Decatur. What sets Bard Optical apart? See if you knew these facts:

1. Bard Optical LOVES Decatur!

“Decatur, We Like It Here.” Decatur’s current motto couldn’t be more perfect. It sums up how Bard Optical feels *almost* exactly. We’d change ‘like’ to ‘love,’ but that’s a small tweak. Bard Optical does love Decatur and loves serving the Decatur community. In fact, when Bard Optical welcomes a patient, they’re automatically something more – a friend, neighbor, and fellow community member. That kind of familiarity and community-first service makes the stressful world of healthcare much more comfortable. Bard Optical is dedicated to providing ‘Vision For Life’ for the Decatur community.

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2. Bard Optical wants your whole family

Good news: the best optometrist in Decatur is able to provide vision care for your entire family. Unlike some eye doctors who have experience treating only one age group, Bard Optical optometrists treat patients of all ages. Whether you have an infant, a toddler, or are looking after a parent, Bard Optical can help them improve and maintain their vision. Vision care can be a family affair at Bard Optical. That means that your whole family can rest easy, knowing their eyes are cared for.

3. Bard Optical wants to save you money

Bard Optical wants everybody to get the highest quality eye care. That’s part of what makes Bard Optical the best optometrist in Decatur. If money is an issue that stands between you and making an appointment, Bard Optical wants to help. Coupons (like the one at the end of the this article), special promotions, and more exist to help those in the Decatur community afford the vision care they need. Reach out to Bard Optical today to learn more about how you can afford care. Don’t let finances get in the way of your health.

4. Bard Optical has the designer frames you need

Being the best optometrist in Decatur means providing exceptional vision care. But, Bard Optical also has Decatur’s best selection of designer glasses! That makes Bard Optical a one-stop-shop: get top-notch care and find the perfect glasses in the same place. Brands like Calvin Klein, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Nike, and Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear can be found at Bard Optical. It’s never the wrong time to find a stylish pair of frames that will transform your look and boost your confidence.

If you’re looking for the best eye doctor in Decatur, you’re looking for Bard Optical. Bard Optical loves the Decatur community, can see your entire family, wants you to save money, and has the glasses (and everything else) you need.

Visit Bard Optical in Decatur today and experience it for yourself.

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