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4 Great Qualities All Vision Doctors Should Share

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What makes great vision doctors great? Is it a sense of humor? Snazzy clothes? Good hair? While all of those things are nice bonuses, they’re not what truly makes a difference. Great vision doctors are great because they share the important qualities that make them so. These qualities include high credentials, passion for helping others, a neighborly demeanor, and diverse experience in the field. Take a look below to find out why those qualities are most important and make sure that when you choose an eye doctor, you make sure they have these qualities:


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1. High Credentials

It starts with credentials. If your optometrist isn’t highly credentialed, there’s little use in continuing to look into them. Find vision doctors who have impeccable credentials. It’s the right place to start. You want to carry that confidence into each appointment. It’s important to know that your optometrist is at the top of his or her profession. Your vision is incredibly important to your overall health. Make sure that it is in highly credentialed hands.

2. Passion for Helping Others

You can if someone has a passion for what they do in your first meeting. Great optometrists have a passion for helping others. It takes years of schooling and rigorous study to become an eye doctor. Those who go through that training and preparation likely have a tremendous passion for helping people maintain and improve their vision. When choosing an eye doctor, make sure that he or she shares that passion. You want to find an optometrist that looks forward to doing what they do.

3. Neighborly Demeanor

When considering where to go for health care of any kind, attitude and demeanor are important. Health care is a service and your experience depends largely on demeanor. When choosing an eye doctor, find an eye care center that is a part of your community. When you go in for care, you want to see someone you trust, who knows your name and treats you with warmth and familiarity. You don’t want to feel rushed. You don’t want it to feel impersonal. You want to be treated like a neighbor.

4. Diverse Experience

While having a specialty can be valuable, it’s important that your eye doctor has diverse experience. What does that mean? No matter your age or background, you want to know that your optometrist knows what to look for, knows what questions to ask, and knows how to address your concerns. Find an eye doctor that has experience treating patients of all ages.

Look for the above qualities. When you find them, you’ll know that you found a great optometrist. Once you have, make an appointment today. Caring for your vision is a lifelong process – find the right eye doctor to join you on that journey.


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