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4 Habits to Kick for Good Eye Care

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We all know that protecting our eyes from the outside world is relatively straightforward—but how can we protect them from internal threats? Not everything we do is necessarily “healthy,” so it’s important to realize what these habits are and how they affect our eye health. These are four of the top habits you should consider breaking to improve your eye health!


1. Smoking

Smoking, as we all know, is bad for us overall. However, smoking can cause extreme damage to your eyes over time. There are many reasons to consider quitting, but protecting your eyes should be on that list as well. Smoking can kick start some of the problems that may come with age, such as cataracts. Your chances of developing cataracts doubles if you smoke, which can get costly as you age. It’s better to kick the habit early so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences!


2. Drinking

Truth be told, we all have had a drink once in our lives. It’s likely that drinking is a social event for us, or an easy way to blow off steam. However, drinking can be harmful to your eye health and not just your liver or wallet! Drinking can cause your eyes to go dry, or even cause blindness if you drink excessively. Short-term effects of alcohol consumption include things like double or blurry vision, but drinking can be bad in the long run as well. It’s best to be responsible with your alcohol consumption, which can help you maintain your health as you get older.


3. Poor Sleep

We all know that we should shoot for eight hours of sleep each night, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Our lives get disrupted and so does our sleep. However, getting poor sleep each night (or no sleep at all) can be detrimental for you eye health. It causes your eyes to become dry from lack of tear production, which causes things like redness or bloodshot eyes. It can also cause your eyes to pop blood vessels, which is unsightly and uncomfortable. It may be difficult to get eight hours each night, but it’s a goal we should all aim for to keep our eyes and minds healthy!


4. Poor Diet

When we were young, or even currently, we have been told by people around us to eat our carrots because they help our eyes. We should all strive for a complete and balanced diet, one rich in vitamins and minerals that can help us to maintain our eye health. Carrots are not the only way to help our eyes—vitamins C and E do a load of help for our vision and can help keep our eyes in good working condition. It’s not hard to eat our veggies, especially if we know they’ll help our eyes stay well!

Most of these activities are ones we are all guilty of. Not all habits need breaking, but we should be aware of the way they affect our health. Being conscious of what they do to our bodies is a good way to stay healthy overall, including visually. Keeping your eyesight in good condition is difficult, but it can be helped by avoiding these activities! Practice good eye care by kicking bad habits!


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