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4 Important Vision Care Habits You’ve Been Neglecting

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Taking care of your eyes requires diligence and consistent care. Are there vision care habits that you’ve been neglecting? It’s time to make healthy habits off the backburner and make them the norm. Below are 4 habits that you might be forgetting about. Start doing these things today:

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1. Distance Yourself

Your mom always told you not to sit too close to the television and she was right!  When watching your favorite shows or working on your computer, sit back.  Putting some distance between your eyes and the screen of your computer, phone, or tablet can help reduce the strain on your eyes.  It will make them feel better and stay healthier in the long run!  This rule goes for reading time too.  Whether it’s a tablet or a physical book or a magazine, try not to read too closely.  Don’t strain those eyes!

2. Eat Healthily

A balanced diet with lots of vegetables is great for your whole body, and that means your eyes too.  It’s not just carrots, either.  Eat things like spinach and kale and other leafy greens, along with plenty of fruit.  The vitamins and antioxidants from these healthy foods can help to improve your eyesight and overall eye health, as well as keeping sickness away from your whole body.  A few foods that you might try to incorporate into your eye-healthy diet are blueberries, carrots, peppers, kale, and citrus fruit.  Also, try to limit your intake of starchy foods and anything high in sugar.

3. Wear Those Shades

Sunglasses are not just for looking cool.  Wearing sunglasses can help reduce your risk for damaged eyesight.  They help by keeping out harmful UV rays from the sun, blocking the damaging light from your sensitive eyes.  Try to buy sunglasses that protect from 100% of UV rays, as these will help the most.  So when you’re driving to work, relaxing by the pool, or playing in the yard with the kids, put your shades on and protect your eyes from damage.  And don’t forget about winter.  Wear your eye-protecting sunglasses all year round to treat your eyes right.

4. Go to the Eye Doctor

You should be visiting your eye doctor regularly, not just when you need a new prescription.  Comprehensive eye exams should be scheduled annually with your optometrist.  During these exams, he or she will check your eyes for signs of macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other eye diseases.  Not only is this a good time to check for eye problems, but your optometrist can also check your overall health just by looking at your eyes.  Illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can manifest in and behind your eyes.  Your eye doctor could have insight into these issues before they start to affect the rest of your health.  So don’t put off your next eye exam!  Get your vision checked often by your eye-care professional.


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