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4 More Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

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We’ve already covered some reasons to wear your sunglasses in winter. Below, you’ll find four more. Truly, the list of reasons to wear sunglasses in winter is never-ending. Your eyes are so important and sunglasses help keep them safe. Here are some more reasons to keep those shades in place:

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1. Stay safe behind the wheel

When the sun reflects off of the snow, it creates a glare that can make driving especially hazardous. Needless to say, winter driving doesn’t need to be any more hazardous than it already is. Driving in the snow is treacherous enough. You don’t need compromised vision on top of it. To stay safe behind the wheel, make sure that you’re wearing your sunglasses when driving during the winter. You’ll be able to see more clearly and you’re more likely to stay safe as a result.

2. Arrive at the party in style

Wearing your sunglasses in winter provides many benefits. One major perk: you look SUPER cool! Picture in your head the last time you saw someone arrive at a party or social gathering in sunglasses. You were jealous, right? Now, imagine that person is you. If you want, grab your shades and try them in front of a mirror right now. Do you remind yourself of a movie star? You should! While the main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, the killer fashion statement doesn’t hurt.

3. Use winter as a trial run

If you’re still not sold that winter is sunglasses season, use winter as a test run for your summer plans. If you have several pairs of sunglasses and you can’t decide which ones to wear to your annual Beach Party Bash this summer, use the winter to figure it out. Wear a different pair each week and make note of how they’re received. The pair that gets the best response is the pair you’ll feature during the summer months. That way, your eyes stay safe AND you’ve made an important choice.

4. Keep your eyes safe all year

Keeping your eyes safe is never out of season. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Believe it or not (and on some winter days, it is difficult), the sun can do just as much damage in winter as it can in summer. To make sure your eyes stay shielded from UV rays, wear your sunglasses whenever you’re outside. Don’t let the sun’s subtlety in winter fool you: it’s there and its UV rays are along for the ride.


Stay safe this winter and continue to wear your sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses in winter will keep you safe behind the wheel, give you the edge at social gatherings, allow you to test out new fashions, and will – above all – keep your eyes safe from UV rays.


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