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4 Things You Did Not Know About Your Eye Doctor In Pekin

Eye doctor giving eye exam in Pekin

How do we know so much about your eye doctor in Pekin?

Even though it’s not usually the *best* practice, we’re doing a little assuming. We’re assuming your eye doctor in Pekin is Bard Optical!

Why? Well, Bard Optical is the best eye doctor in town and we assume you’d go to the best! If Bard Optical is not your eye doctor or you don’t have an eye doctor in Pekin, maybe it’s time to consider a change.

What do you know about Bard Optical in Pekin? Even if you’re standing in the building reading this on your phone, you may not have known that…

1. Bard Optical LOVES Pekin

Bard Optical loves Pekin! The team at Bard Optical lives, works, and kicks back in the same places you do. What does that mean for your vision care? It means you’ll have a better experience. Because you’re seen as a neighbor and friend, instead of just a patient, you’ll be treated with a warmth and familiarity you can’t find anywhere else. Bard Optical cares about its community and that means a higher quality of care for those in it.

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2. Bard Optical has the best selection of designer glasses in Pekin

Everyone knows the feeling. You’ve gone to 10 different stores looking for a single product. Searching for the right pair of glasses can be that experience, amplified. With Bard Optical in Pekin, you don’t have to search all over town for glasses. Bard Optical has the best selection of designer frames and with brands like Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Calvin Klein, and more, you’re sure to find a pair you’ll love. Plus, Bard Optical’s team of professional opticians makes the selection process fun and easy!

3. Bard Optical can treat your whole family

Just as it’s no fun to run all over town searching for a product, it’s a drag to have to bring different family members to different doctors depending on their ages. Bard Optical eye doctors have experience treating patients of every age. So, your eye doctor at Bard Optical can be your family eye doctor in Pekin. Vision care is a lifelong process. With Bard Optical, your entire family can participate in the process together.

4. Bard Optical wants you to save money!

Because Bard Optical cares about the Pekin community, they work hard to save their patients money at every turn. This includes coupons (like the one right below this paragraph!), special promotions, insurance coverage, and contests! Keep your eyes on Bard Optical’s website and social media pages. Chances are, you’ll spot something fun going on that’s designed to give back to you (and all of Bard Optical patients).

Now that you know more about Bard Optical in Pekin, there’s only one question: When is YOUR next appointment?

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