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4 Tips for Taking Care of Contacts in the Summer

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Summertime means we have to put a little extra time into a few different areas of our health.

It becomes imperative that we wear sunblock when spending time outside, and that we watch for mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests that can harm us.

But what about our eye health?

Of course, you should be wearing your sunglasses when you go outside. When you go to the pool, you should take special care of your contacts. This bit may not seem obvious, especially if you aren’t aware of the specific ways you should be taking care of your contacts in the summer.

Here are four steps to taking care of your contacts in the summer!

1. Beware of Foreign Objects

As you already know, it’s important to keep your contacts clean and sterile so you don’t develop eye infections or damage your eyes by using dirty contacts. This becomes a little more stressed during the summer, as increased time spent outside also means increased time exposed to different dirt, sand, grit, and foreign particles that may blow into your eyes.

Watch for these things when cleaning, as unnoticed dirt may harm your contacts or your eyes, especially if dirt gets between the contact and your eye.

2. Always Keep Them Clean

Keeping clean contacts is an essential part of maintaining overall eye health and keeping your vision as clear as possible. Bacteria can build up in contacts that haven’t been properly washed, which can cause some nasty side effects—eye infections, irritation, redness, swelling, increased tear production, and more.

Also, consider smoke from bonfires and camping. The smoke can dry your eyes, so rinsing them and giving your eyes a break after something like this is ideal.

Make sure you wash your contacts on a regular basis and throw them out if they are unable to be properly kept.

Your eyes will thank you!

3. Wash After Going To The Pool

Pools, especially public pools, are a nightmare for your contacts. Chlorine in the pools can be harmful to your eye health if you have long exposure to it, and the same is true with your contacts. The chlorine in pools is meant to kill pathogens in the water, and it usually does a fantastic job at this.

However, you should still thoroughly rinse your contacts with a saline solution after going to the public pool. Germs can cling to your contacts and cause eye infections if they are not properly taken care of. Pools spread infections such as pink eye rapidly, so the sooner you can clean your contacts the better.

Or, consider wearing goggles.

4. Don’t Leave Contact In Overnight

Sometimes, we fall asleep with our contacts in and wake the next morning to realize it.

While this is no big deal once or twice, it can hurt your eyes in the long run if done often enough. Leaving them in after swimming or spending time on a beach (or other areas with a lot of dirt/sand) isn’t a wise choice, and you should always take them out after this before going to bed.

Leaving them in can cause them to rip or move around the surface of your eyes, which can cause further complications. Accidents happen, but try to keep them to the minimum.

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