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4 Types of Glasses That Will Make a Statement in 2019

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You’ve seen it plastered across social media: ‘New Year, New You.’ It’s a battle cry for gym memberships, fad diets, and other resolutions or goals. But, what if you learned that a major game-changer was sitting right above your nose? That’s right: consider a new pair of eyeglasses this year and make a bold statement about who you are and what you’re all about. Consider the 4 types of glasses below (all available at Bard Optical) that you can select to change your look and your outlook in this new year:

Try a Splash of Color

The conventional wisdom on glasses has changed. It’s no longer about using subtle colors to help a medical implement blend in with your look. Now, it’s about finding a splash of color that reflects your personality and helps your fashion statement stand out. Consider lines like gx by Gwen Stefani and Aspire — they utilize unique color schemes to make glasses pop out from the crowd. If you’re ready for a bolder look in 2019, come check out the color options that Bard Optical can offer. You’ll reinvent your look and turn some heads as you make this year your best yet!

Try Some Celebrity Swagger

Do you ever dream about being a celebrity? While wearing a celebrity-inspired pair of glasses isn’t exactly the same thing, it’s a step in the right direction. Celebrities design eyewear that captures their unique swagger, confidence, and style. Borrow some of that credibility for yourself and prove that you belong on the red carpet someday too! Lines like Randy Jackson Eyewear and Sophia Loren Eyewear capture their namesake’s inimitable styles. Whether you’re looking to be bolder or more elegant, there’s a celebrity line that will speak to you available at Bard Optical.

Try Something Sporty

If your ‘New Year, New You’ plans involve being more active, you should come in and look at Bard Optical’s selection of sporty eyeglasses. Brands like Nike and Oakley pride themselves on creating versatile frames that are at home in both a coffee shop or for a jog on the beach. Let your glasses speak for you: you’re ready to move. You’re on the go and prepared to spring into action whenever the occasion calls for it. Come browse frames that are sleek, durable, and ready for whatever you throw their way.

Try Something Classic

There’s a reason that classics become classics: they’re timeless. No matter who you are or what era you’re living in, there’s nothing like a pair of good Ray-Bans. Many brands carried at Bard Optical include classic eyewear styles that will look good on anyone, anytime. If you’re looking to announce yourself as simple, uncomplicated, and classic, Bard Optical has exactly what you’re looking for. Your new glasses will tell the world that you’re here to stay and your style is built to last. If you’re ready to get rid of the frills and put on a pair of glasses you’ll be excited to wear them day in and day out. come see Bard Optical’s selection today.

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