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4 Unexpected Times You Need Eye Protection

Dock worker wearing protective eyewear

You may think eye protection isn’t always necessary, especially when doing some standard chores around your house or workplace. However, eye protection is an important thing to consider before doing a few choice tasks. Here are four of the times you may be forgetting to wear safety glasses, but should be!

Mowing the lawn

When mowing the grass, you may forget that there are dangers hidden within the grass. Rocks, sticks, and other projectiles can be dangerous for you. Most of the time, these things are harmless. However, you never know when something gets hit at just the right angle to hurt your eyes. It’s important to wear some sort of eye protection while doing this so that this doesn’t happen. Projectiles to the eyes are serious, and should always be cared for by a medical professional.


Cleaning while using chemicals

Using harsh chemicals to clean is a part of life. It may be unpleasant, but it’s a must. When using chemicals such as bleach or special cleaners, it’s important to protect your eyes. Contact from any of these to the eye can result in serious medical issues, even if it was just a small amount. Wearing protection ensures that you don’t have to face this issue.


Doing yardwork/gardening

If you like to spend your time outside with mother nature, you should consider wearing not only sunblock but also sunglasses or other protective gear. This can reduce your exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. It also ensures that dirt and other foreign particles don’t enter your eyes and cause irritation or scratching.


Swimming or playing sports

When you use a pool, the chlorine that the water is cleaned with has a tendency to irritate the eyes and make them red and scratchy. It’s recommended that swimming goggles be used if you intend on becoming submerged. During sports, wearing eye protection ensures that foreign particles and other flying debris doesn’t become lodged in the eyes and cause pain. It also reduces the chance of severe blows to the face, since there is a layer of protection. Always be safe when exercising or competing!

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