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4 Vision Health Essentials for the Summer Months

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It’s important to keep vision health top of mind in every season. But the summer months call for a few vision health essentials that are worth reviewing. With bright sunny days and extended time outdoors, the summer months present a unique challenge to maintaining a healthy vision. So, before you sprint to the beach with a mesh bag full of water toys, make sure that you’ve accounted for these summertime vision essentials:

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1. Sunglasses

It wasn’t hard to guess that sunglasses would make an appearance on this list. It’s the ultimate summertime vision health essential. No matter what you’re doing, sunglasses should be included. Sitting in the bleachers at a ballgame? Pack your shades. Sitting poolside? It’s sunglasses-o’clock. Going for a walk? Give those designer frames some exercise, too! Sunglasses give your eyes critical protection from harmful UV rays. Plus, they look awesome on you! There’s nothing to lose by wearing them 24/7.

2. Sports Goggles

For many, summertime is also sports time. Ultimate frisbee, football, pick-up basketball, baseball, swimming, and many more athletic activities fill up the days. If that describes you, then sports goggles are another summer essential for your eyes. Sports goggles (or similar eye protection) can help prevent injury and help you enjoy athletics safely. Because eye injuries can be so severe and difficult to fully recover from, protecting your eyes is paramount.

3. Vision Exam

A comprehensive vision exam is an annual eye care essential no matter what season it is. But, if your last vision exam was during the summertime, it means you’re due for another! Getting a vision exam is one of the best things you can do for your eyes. It gives your optometrist an opportunity to evaluate your eyes and vision so that he or she knows how to best help you maintain and improve your eyesight. Vision exams can reveal a lot about your health and it’s important to see your optometrist frequently.

4. Plentiful Rest

Summer is marked by action! Even going on vacation, while relaxing, calls for travel. From the blistering sun to summer blockbusters in theaters, you’re always up to something during the summer months. While that can be a ton of fun, it can also be tiring on your eyes. That’s why plentiful rest is a summer eye health essential. You need rest from the sun. You need rest from screens. Overall, you need to keep a closer eye on resting than you normally would.

Keep the above essentials in mind during these summer months and protect your vision! Whenever you’re outdoors, wear your sunglasses. If you’re participating in athletic activities, wear sports goggles or other eye protection. If your last vision exam was in the summer, your next one should be too. And, of course, get plentiful rest.


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